Which is best joomla or wordpress?

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I want to create a Vector Design site by me no professional web developer. For this I want to know which is best joomla and wordpress.
Giving me for advice.?
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    I depends what would you like and feel that it is easy to use. I personal a big fan of Wordpress. It is widely used and it has every thing you can think about for making a website or blog.
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    It depends on your experience. Both platforms have lots to offer. Wordpress is a little more user friendly but that being said, I haven't used Joomla in a couple of years.
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    This is one of the most asked question in Internet history and still there are need to ask it and answer it again
    and again, ha...
    I've been active Joomla and WordPress user for over four years. About two years ago I drop it and completely devoted my self to WordPress. Now I am a WordPress developer and intend to stay with it for a long time.
    This does not mean that Joomla is not good or god forbid that is bad, it only means that WordPress is able to be adjusted to almost anyone's need really quickly and you can set it for almost every user with all kinds of
    experience levels, so they can manage it. And most of us who are Web designers or developers and who deal with clients it is most grateful choice to use it.

    There is only a few percents of "big" clients who need demanding web platforms for their Websites and presentations and they will hire big Web design studios or companies to set it all to their needs, and those
    studios or companies will create original scripts for them. But All other clients over 90% of internet websites and presentations need quick stable and simple to use platform. Only WordPress can fulfill it.

    I'm not say it that it is perfect but all other platforms are more complex or bug woundarable or less stable then WordPress. That is why almost 30% of Internet Websites are using WordPress platform. Simply as that.

    1. You can install it in just literally few minutes!

    2. You can update any part of it in a most simple and quickest way. (try updating or upgrading Joomla ?!)

    3. Installing new plugin or theme is really the simplest task, because you can just upload it and that's it.

    4. Admin area is probably the best part of it. So simple to use, that I can call it perfect.
    Adding a new entry (posts or pages) are quick.

    5. There is a lot of extensions both free and paid, propably the most amongst all other CMS ...

    6. For developers there is absolutely the best online manual on the Internet - WordPress Codex.

    There is also a few missing or not so good things about it, like user managment (same as joomla) ...I'm talking about WordPress core.

    Conclusion: There is no, not even close other CMS or any other kind of Web building, developing, designing ...platforms like WordPress. That's just the way it is.

    On the other hand, Joomla has almost everything that WordPress does, but it's a bit more complex, not so stable and there is always some bug complication. Updating or upgrading Joomla can be a real nightmare, Installing Joomla is more complex too. And after all Joomla is suppose to be used for a more massive and complex Web sites and presentations such as Portals, news ...it means you will have less clients and bigger competition, because such clients are news publishing companies, Big trademarks ...and they are always rather hire big studios and companies too...

    Joomla has much extensions to offer, maybe as much as WordPress, but it's not that easy to adjust them to clients needs as you can do with WordPress extensions...

    It's up to you, but my vote goes to - WORDPRESS!

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    WordPress is a Best and full User Friendly
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    If you want to create a community or a network with a membership area, newsroom, forums, articles, input from external authors etc… then Joomla is a good choice because it is made to be that way. Creating a navigation structure is easy, once you understand how it works and it doesn’t require knowledge of html.

    WordPress is basically a very user friendly blog system but it can be used as a regular site which you can update without any knowledge of html (the same goes for Joomla). You can create pages and posts, and with plugins, you can add a lot of functionality included standard in Joomla. Because WordPress is a blog system, Google seems to love it although recently, Google decides no longer to count links from rss directories, which was the major advantage of WordPress over Joomla. Nothwithstanding, from a marketing standpoint, WordPress is hard to resist.
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    wordpress is better because joomla very complex.

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      Wordpress is better then joomla. The reason because
      01. User friendly
      02. Easy to learn
      03. Lots of free themplate
      04. Lots of plug-in
      And many more. So I love it.
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    I agree with the majority with saying WordPress. I have been using WordPress for years. I find it very easy to use and that it can be easily changed to whatever theme/layout that you want.
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    wordpress always best and easy to configure as your need.
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    WordPress is more user-friendly than Joomla
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    I would also recommend WordPress as it's very user friendly and easy to use.
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    Wordpress and Joomla both can be used to create websites. Both wordpress and joomla are free content management system (CMS). Both can use themes or templates to change the look of the site. But in my view, people like wordpress interface more then joomla interface.
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    Both have their plus and minus side. It truely depends on your requirement so you got to note down your points and then decide on which is the best option for you.

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    I worked in Joomla for few years, but it depends what you need. WP is more like blog, Joomla is more memebrship site
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    I think WordPress is more better than Joomla. Because, It's easy to customize on WordPress.

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