Which is best: Joomla or Wordpress?

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I want to create a Vector Design site by me no professional web developer. For this I want to know which is best joomla and wordpress.
Giving me for advice.?
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    I depends what would you like and feel that it is easy to use. I personal a big fan of Wordpress. It is widely used and it has every thing you can think about for making a website or blog.
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    It depends on your experience. Both platforms have lots to offer. Wordpress is a little more user friendly but that being said, I haven't used Joomla in a couple of years.
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      There is really no competition.

      Do you see anyone on here selling plugins for Joomla?


      But there may be 100 WP plugins for sale on this very forum as we speak.

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      The Secret To Success In Any Business
      Yes, Any Business!
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        Originally Posted by Enfusia View Post

        There is really no competition.

        Do you see anyone on here selling plugins for Joomla?


        But there may be 100 WP plugins for sale on this very forum as we speak.

        what plugins did you buy for your own site?
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    This is one of the most asked question in Internet history and still there are need to ask it and answer it again
    and again, ha...
    I've been active Joomla and WordPress user for over four years. About two years ago I drop it and completely devoted my self to WordPress. Now I am a WordPress developer and intend to stay with it for a long time.
    This does not mean that Joomla is not good or god forbid that is bad, it only means that WordPress is able to be adjusted to almost anyone's need really quickly and you can set it for almost every user with all kinds of
    experience levels, so they can manage it. And most of us who are Web designers or developers and who deal with clients it is most grateful choice to use it.

    There is only a few percents of "big" clients who need demanding web platforms for their Websites and presentations and they will hire big Web design studios or companies to set it all to their needs, and those
    studios or companies will create original scripts for them. But All other clients over 90% of internet websites and presentations need quick stable and simple to use platform. Only WordPress can fulfill it.

    I'm not say it that it is perfect but all other platforms are more complex or bug woundarable or less stable then WordPress. That is why almost 30% of Internet Websites are using WordPress platform. Simply as that.

    1. You can install it in just literally few minutes!

    2. You can update any part of it in a most simple and quickest way. (try updating or upgrading Joomla ?!)

    3. Installing new plugin or theme is really the simplest task, because you can just upload it and that's it.

    4. Admin area is probably the best part of it. So simple to use, that I can call it perfect.
    Adding a new entry (posts or pages) are quick.

    5. There is a lot of extensions both free and paid, propably the most amongst all other CMS ...

    6. For developers there is absolutely the best online manual on the Internet - WordPress Codex.

    There is also a few missing or not so good things about it, like user managment (same as joomla) ...I'm talking about WordPress core.

    Conclusion: There is no, not even close other CMS or any other kind of Web building, developing, designing ...platforms like WordPress. That's just the way it is.

    On the other hand, Joomla has almost everything that WordPress does, but it's a bit more complex, not so stable and there is always some bug complication. Updating or upgrading Joomla can be a real nightmare, Installing Joomla is more complex too. And after all Joomla is suppose to be used for a more massive and complex Web sites and presentations such as Portals, news ...it means you will have less clients and bigger competition, because such clients are news publishing companies, Big trademarks ...and they are always rather hire big studios and companies too...

    Joomla has much extensions to offer, maybe as much as WordPress, but it's not that easy to adjust them to clients needs as you can do with WordPress extensions...

    It's up to you, but my vote goes to - WORDPRESS!
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    WordPress is a Best and full User Friendly
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    If you want to create a community or a network with a membership area, newsroom, forums, articles, input from external authors etc… then Joomla is a good choice because it is made to be that way. Creating a navigation structure is easy, once you understand how it works and it doesn’t require knowledge of html.

    WordPress is basically a very user friendly blog system but it can be used as a regular site which you can update without any knowledge of html (the same goes for Joomla). You can create pages and posts, and with plugins, you can add a lot of functionality included standard in Joomla. Because WordPress is a blog system, Google seems to love it although recently, Google decides no longer to count links from rss directories, which was the major advantage of WordPress over Joomla. Nothwithstanding, from a marketing standpoint, WordPress is hard to resist.
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      Wordpress. It is user-friendly and there are heaps of tutorials, themes and plugins you can use out there.
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  • wordpress is better because joomla very complex.

    I am Freelancer Website Designer and a developer with a zeal to deliver the best quality services to our clients.

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      For some projects Joomla very works good.
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      Wordpress is better then joomla. The reason because
      01. User friendly
      02. Easy to learn
      03. Lots of free themplate
      04. Lots of plug-in
      And many more. So I love it.
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      i think Joomla is more professional than WordPress but WordPress is more easy-using and friendly than Joomla.
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    I agree with the majority with saying WordPress. I have been using WordPress for years. I find it very easy to use and that it can be easily changed to whatever theme/layout that you want.
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    wordpress always best and easy to configure as your need.
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    WordPress is more user-friendly than Joomla
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    I would also recommend WordPress as it's very user friendly and easy to use.
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    Wordpress and Joomla both can be used to create websites. Both wordpress and joomla are free content management system (CMS). Both can use themes or templates to change the look of the site. But in my view, people like wordpress interface more then joomla interface.
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    Both have their plus and minus side. It truely depends on your requirement so you got to note down your points and then decide on which is the best option for you.

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    I worked in Joomla for few years, but it depends what you need. WP is more like blog, Joomla is more memebrship site
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    I think WordPress is more better than Joomla. Because, It's easy to customize on WordPress.
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    Go for Wordpress.You would get a super friendly interface as well as FREE SEO.
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    wordpress is nowaday the best for SEO
    i don't use joomla because it always conflicts Extension or module with PHP 5.
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    I've used both Wordpress and Joomla for years, and I recommend you start with Wordpress.

    Joomla isn't bad, but I can tell you that it's a pain in the neck when they release their updates. Sometimes, half of your site, add-ons won't work anymore. Also hackers hack Joomla like crazy. The last time I built a Joomla site for a client (was well over three years ago, I didn't touch Joomla since), it was because their previous Joomla site got hacked. I then advised them to use wordpress, but they refused, so I built the site, but I told them that they'll have to pay me monthly since I needed to take care of the site for security and maintenance, but they refused. Less than two months later they called me back for a backup of the site because they had messed up while trying to upload some audio files. Now they are on Wordpress, after they lost time and money.

    Former Body Guard, Now REAL Traffic & List Building Coach
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    Winson Yeung said: "...Definitively A++ recommended WSO"
    Kevin Riley said: "Franck, glad to see you bringing out MORE and MORE GREAT stuff"
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    WordPress and Joomla - the two most popular CMS site
    In the world there is a huge number of different CMS, but the most widely used two of them - WordPress and Joomla. Both are free of charge and easily accessible to any user. So let's compare them and find an answer to the question: what is best WordPress or Joomla?

    WordPress engine is designed for create blogs. That is why if your goal - to make a quality blog is easier and faster to take advantage of this is WordPress. However, the functionality is not limited thereto. Using plugins on WordPress you can create almost any site from the Portal and ending with an online store.

    The main purpose of Joomla - the creation of the common information sites. Create a blog by Joomla is also possible, but it will be more difficult.

    Ease of use, the interface
    In my opinion, the most convenient interface WordPress. Despite the fact that the internet has a huge number of documents of various classes and this tutorial, I have own the WordPress admin panel by myself in just a couple of hours.
    In terms of convenience, in my opinion, Joomla little worse. However, no special knowledge or skill to create a site is not necessary. Subsidiary weakness of materials is also not observed.

    Themes and plugins
    The more themes and plugins in the internet, the more it gives opportunities for the development of the site. In this WordPress recognized champion. The internet have a huge number of different patterns and variations that, if desired, on the basis of WordPress can be made small personal page and a large information portal. At one time, that's why I chose it for your blog WordPress and, since then, it has never regretted.

    Joomla is not so popular. For example, at the request of "plugins Joomla┬╗ Google produces more than 1 million. Results, but for comparison at the request of "plugins WordPress┬╗ more than 2 million. Results. However, generally, serious problems this causes. If desired, you can find a suitable topic for almost any site.

    So, what better than Joomla or WordPress?
    Of course, you need to choose a CMS for each site, based on the objectives for which the site is created. For example, I do mostly blogs, so I preferred to WordPress. I was like that for WordPress in internet have a lot of free add-ons and themes.
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    Joomla is ever so much harder to learn than Wordpress. I normally pick things up very quickly, but not Joomla. I finally did get the hang of it, but went back to Wordpress, as it is right for just about everything I do.
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    WordPres for sure, it is user friendly and has thousands of plugins for every purpose.

    Sr. WordPress Developer at HireWPGeeks Ltd., HTML to WordPress Company.

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    There is no competition between Wordpress and Joomla. Joomla is little bit harder than wordpress. But from my point of view wordpress is good.

    Internet Marketing Executive
    Claritus management Consulting

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    There should not be any need for clarification regarding Wordpress or Joomla.
    Obviously Wordpress is better option over Joomla due to following reasons.
    • 100% Tableless Markup and CSS
    • SEO Friendly WordPress Theme
    • Widget Ready Theme
    • WordPress Plug-in Installation
    • WordPress Customization (Optional)
    • Ready to Install Theme
    • Fastest Turnaround Time

    Try out Wordpress for better result.
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  • I think you should go with WordPress as it is very user-friendly. Even if you don't have knowledge of PHP, you can still develop a dynamic website through various plugins. All you need is to get a proper theme and perfect plugin as per your project's needs.
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    Sky is the limit mate!
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    We’ve made it! Over the past five weeks we have taken an in-depth look at the two most popular content management systems currently available. We have critically analyzed both WordPress and Joomla in a number of different departments.
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    If your website is small scale or medium scale website offering services or products then i word-press is one for you
    what for bigger eCommerce sites and other bigger brands joomla play the role.

    Word-Press Offer many free plugin with more user friendly interface.
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    If you have limited time then I will suggest you wordpress as it is very easy but for vector design joomla is more good.
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    Wordpress is the way to go.The best thing is that you dont need much technical knowledge to maintain your site.
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    You are right Nextair. Even a person with least HTML knowledge can manage a Wordpress blog
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    WordPress is a good option because there are a lot of free plugins available for WordPress that can give you any the extended tools you need for your website. This would let you design your website more easier and can integrate with other services easily.
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    Personally i advice to you wordpress is the Best.
    1. WordPress is easy to use!
    2. WordPress is cost-effective and flexible.
    3. WordPress is the best Content Management System to use to build your website!
    4.. Many more....
    Over all we say that wordpress CMS is the Best of other CMS.

    Thank you

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    I initially tried Joomla years ago. It provided me the things I needed during that time and had a lot of projects came out of it. Once I tried Wordpress though, I never wanted to go back. Off the bat, the user friendly interface is superb! With not too much experience on coding that time, it really helped zoomed up on my projects. Plus as mentioned earlier, you will notice a lot of Warriors agree on this, the plugins as proof. So, I will go for WP all the way, but it's not bad to take a shot on Joomla if you are still uncertain of your preferences.

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    I felt wordpress is good as it also has plugins with Apptivo software which allows to organize and create the product.
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    As per me WordPress is good for website because today WordPress is very useful as per SEO and also programming and one think mostly plugin are available free of cost so it is best for me.
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      I LOVE WordPress, I just LOVE IT!

      Nuff said!
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    I prefer wordpress. But joomla is also good but not more well facilited than joomla!
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    Wordpress is best ever.
    Wordpress is easier to use than joomla or any other.
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    WordPress - Best pick for beginners, works well for small to medium sized websites, blogs and stores.
    Joomla - Great for e-commerce type of sites, but require at least some level of technical coding.
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  • WordPress has a bigger user base support network and a larger selection of plugins than joomla..
    Premium WooCommerce & WordPress Plugins $10/ea. or FREE With Membership. PluginForage.com
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      Wordpress enhances user experience and run your website smoothly and efficiently. Here are some key points why WordPress is so popular these days:

      1. Wordpress Improve page load times by deactivating default and unused plugins
      2. Never enable comments to publish without moderation
      3. Use SEO-friendly wordpress theme
      4. Protect your wp login credentials
      5. Making the most of Permalinks
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    It's depend of your purpose, but I think, WordPress has edge over others. And there are few reasons for that as well. WordPress is SEO friendly and easy to manage. So my vote goes to WordPress.

    Sr. WordPress Developer at HireWPGeeks Ltd., HTML to WordPress Company.

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      WordPress is best.
      • Easy to operate.
      • Cheaper to build
      • Popular
      • SEO Friendly
      • E-commerce Available
      • Updates are frequently
      • Customize-able with themes and plugins.
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    WordPress The best CMS . i love it so much
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    It's actually depends according to the work needs. What do you actually want to do. But out of all I like WordPress a lot.
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    Wordpress quite user friendly, easy to manage on the other hand if you are plan to create eCommerce website then i will suggest you to Joomla.


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    I like WordPress.it's very simple and beautiful.
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    Wordpress is user-friendly, the learning curve is simpler than Joomla. The size is smaller too, makes the loading and process much faster. Joomla is recommended for more complex and content focused sites.
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    Both Joomla and Wordpress are good. But as you want to develop a vector design site, i suggest you to use Wordpress, because you can get different plugins for developing the site. Also, WP is easy to use, plugins are easy to install and overall it is cost effective.
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  • WordPress for me is the best because I have handled WordPress sites before and boy were they awesome.
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    When you look at the market share WordPress are at Top. While Joomla comes second . Both are similar. It is matter of personal choice in the end. I use both.
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    WordPress CMS is user friendly i am using WordPress a couple of years
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    Wordpress is best and easy to use and have more features.

    For Website and Graphic Design service I am available.

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    Created my first website on WordPress two years ago and immediately realized that this is exactly what I was looking for, namely the most important: you are no restrictions, great opportunity, own boss.
    Previously created websites for various services, like umi cms, was not happy, solid limits, pay more money and remove the restrictions obdiralovo. After payment and the removal of restrictions found that there that promise the settings are scarce, primitive.
    It just so happens that the word "WordPress" I came across on the Internet more often than Joomla. Two years ago I started to study WordPress and immediately created the first website. Never regretted about the made choice. Only positive, on a 5+.
    With Joomla is not familiar so close with WordPress, but I can confidently say is a great engine.
    Which is better wordpress or joomla? This is the same as the comparison - which is better Xiaomi or Xiaomi? Which is better Nokia or Nokia? I think that both deserve a rating of 5+.
    Sincerely, Kladproraba.com (works on WordPress) :-)

    Sincerely yours, master Kladproraba

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    I can suggest wordpress bcause It's user friendly and wordpress Alexa global rank 34 joomla
    global rank 70,350 wordpress is better compare to joomla. wordpress have that much of trafic.
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    in one word:

    Besty Goods - Free shipping store
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    If you notice, most people here saying that Wordpress is the better of the two are or were very new at setting up a website therefore Wordpress is easiest to understand. I have been developing Joomla websites since 2008 and I can say hands down Joomla is the best of the two. Wordpress is for aspiring amateur web individuals who just want to put a website up, coulnt find a web designer to help them put it together and started messing with Wordpress. I agree that it is most popular but I compare it to the iPhone. People buy it because it is just an iPhone and not because there is anything better about it. Most iPhone users don't know why they like it, they just know their friends have one so they want one too. Wordpress has had more marketing so therefore it is going to fit in well for beginners. If you want a real website with CMS your best bet is Joomla. It can give you way more flexibility for what your website can do and I did notice many people saying that there is lots of free plugins, well for Joomla there is also lots of Free plugins that do the same or better than the ones for Wordpress. The question should be asked "What do you prefer Jooma or Wordpress if you are a beginner, or seasoned web designer" or "what is the purpose and then choose Joomla vs Wordpress. Beginners will always say Wordpress.
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  • Profile picture of the author mdshahinkhan
    Wordpress is the most popular CMS in the world, but I will prefer Wordpress for following reasons:
    • It's Highly customizable
    • WordPress is Search Engine Friendly
    • WordPress is Extendable by Using Themes and Plugins
    • WordPress is Easy to Use and Learn
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    You can use WordPress it is very easy to use. Even installation in WordPress takes a few minutes. WordPress has over 25 million users. Even the users with no programming language experience can easily use it. WordPress and Joomla are open source and both of them has collection of extensions and plugins. WordPress is more user friendly as compared to Joomla. WordPress do not offer multi-language support and users have to install plugins for different languages, but Joomla offer multi language capabilities out of the box.
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    Wordpress is the best for website designing.....
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    Originally Posted by doanxuanhoang View Post

    I want to create a Vector Design site by me no professional web developer. For this I want to know which is best joomla and wordpress.
    Giving me for advice.?

    WordPress began as an innovative, easy-to-use blogging platform. With an ever-increasing repertoire of themes, plugins and widgets, this CMS is also widely used for other website formats also.

    Technical experience is not necessary; its intuitive and easy to get a simple site set up quickly. Its easy to paste text from a Microsoft Word document into a WordPress site, but not into Joomla site.

    Ease of use is a key benefit for experts and novices alike. WordPress is powerful enough for web developers or designers to efficiently build sites for clients; then, with minimal instruction, clients can take over the site management. WordPress is known for an extensive selection of themes. Its user-friendly with great support and tutorials, making it great for non-technical users to quickly deploy fairly simple sites.

    WordPress is ideal for fairly simple web sites, such as everyday blogging and news sites; and for anyone looking for an easy-to-manage site. Add-ons make it easy to expand the functionality of the site.

    Joomla offers a platform between the developer-oriented, extensive capabilities of Drupal and the user-friendly but more complex site development options that WordPress offers.

    Joomla is less complex than Drupal but more complex than Wordpress. It has a relatively uncomplicated installation and setup. With a relatively small investment of effort into understanding Joomlas structure and terminology, you have the ability to create fairly complex sites.

    Joomla is designed to perform as a community platform, with strong social networking features.

    Joomla allows you to build a site with more content and structure flexibility than WordPress offers, but still with fairly easy, intuitive usage. It supports e-commerce, social networking, and more.

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    You can have your WordPress site up and running in the time it takes to figure out Joomla.
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    There are many platforms that can be used for application development and each platform has its own strength and weaknesses but for if you want to create vector designs, then Joomla is the best option.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tahreem Saeed
    WordPress Best choice for beginners because of its ease-of-use, it works especially well for small to medium sized websites, blogs and smaller e-commerce stores.
    Joomla Great for e-commerce or social networking websites, but requires a basic understanding of technical skills.

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    One word... Wordpress
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    Both are used to create websites. Both wordpress and joomla are free content management system. But in my view, wordpress is easier then Joomla. Joomla is to complex but it is very useful to create eCommerce websites.
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    Wordpress is most popular cms platform for web development. I think you go with wordpress.
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    I used to use Joomla about 8 years ago, but now I'm switching and using Wordpress for all my websites.

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    Wordpress is the best open source CMS, it is easy to develop websites, in wordpress we can find soo many responsive themes and plugins...
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    Wordpress has the developer community as well as the market share over Joomla and as far as usability goes, Wordpress is much easier to jump into the basics.
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