What is the next step after joining a CPA Ad Network?

by Wowali
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What's steps after joining a good Ad Network can I take to start making money from CPA? Hard question from a newbie !

These are my possibilities:
  1. I have a good budget to invest in promoting CPA offers ( About $2500 ).
  2. I'm a web developer/designer, so I can make a good landing pages, high quality banners, managing my server and domains names..
  3. My English not so bad, I can write good headlines, description and small articles.
  4. According to my experience in Mobile Apps, I think it's good for me to promote mobile apps download even it's not pay good ($1-$2.5)
I'm very very serious in CPA Marketing and I want it be my first experience in Internet Marketing, so please if you can trace me a right way to START.
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    Create a squeeze page to get the email address of the visitors. The squeeze page should presell the offer effectively.

    The next step is to direct right traffic to your squeeze page. Squeeze pages are not easy to rank in SERPs therefore organic traffic is a bit hard to get. You have to look for other traffic sources (talk to your manager).

    All in all, a domain name is a MUST for cpa marketing.

    I wish you best of luck.
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    You must create a high converting landing/squeeze page with engaging content or videos to build list. You can give away some free stuff to attract visitor to subscribe.

    For getting maximum result you can't rely on organic traffic. You can use solo mail service like udimi to drive high quality traffic and build a buyer list.Then promote your CPA offer to listed visitor through autoresponder like Getresponse or Aweber.
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    Hi Wowali,

    Looking at your previous post, it does not seem that you have a website setup yet.


    Your next step would be to setup a website.

    Direct linking to offers don't convert as well as sending the traffic to an intermediary landing page with link / links to the offer that you're promoting.

    To setup a good website from which you can promote offers in multiple niches, consider a branded domain for your website. For instance something like wowalimedia.

    Make your homepage a splash-page for your brand say (marketing company, online magazine) "get creative with it. Then attach links to pages with legal stuff to your homepage (privacy policy, affiliate disclaimer, terms of use)

    Then setup your landing-pages and sqeezpages for your various offers.

    Then test and optimize your pages for optimal conversion.

    Be sure that the traffic you send to these pages are as targeted as possible.

    P.S. I am a newbie to CPA marketing and am getting good results based on what i've just outlined to help you.

    Hope this helps.
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    Now is the time for 2 important things.

    Start getting traffic to your squeeze pages AND second (which goes hand in hand with the first one) start making GEO targeted lists so that you can promote offers from certain countries to those lists.
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    I'm not interesting to collect email.. I'm planning to buy traffic on LeadImpact, Facebook and Bing Ads and send them to offers landing pages.
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      Originally Posted by Wowali View Post

      I'm not interesting to collect email.. I'm planning to buy traffic on LeadImpact, Facebook and Bing Ads and send them to offers landing pages.
      Sending direct traffic to affiliate offers is not possible. You will have a really hard time getting your ads approved.

      Even if you don't want to collect the email addresses, you still need a domain. In this case, you will send the traffic to your site and then redirect them to the offer page.

      I wonder why you don't want to build an email list?
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    First thing you want to do after signing up and getting approved is contact your aff manager and find out whats out right now.

    Based on the offer given to you create different selling angles which you can use on traffic platforms.

    From there test revise and test again till you achieve maximum ROI.

    If your looking to direct link. Look for offers that already come with a presell page.

    All the best.
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    Pick a traffic source and choose a matching for offer (ask your AM for the top offers by EPC and Volume).
    Start testing with multiple landing pages, angles, banners, etc.

    Stick to the one traffic source till you know in and outs about it.
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    The next steps would be to learn all about Marketing - Internet Marketing.

    Because now what you need next is the Targeted Traffic!

    You got a good budget to start with Paid Traffic. You should learn all about PPC Traffic. Then you can do Facebook PPC, Bing PPC, and other PPC Advertising Networks.

    You can also do Solo Ads.

    But before you invest in any type of traffic - you NEED to learn all about Traffic.

    The types of traffic and stuff like that.

    Let me give you some powerful quick tips....

    There are two types of traffic:

    1 - Cold Traffic

    2 - Warm Traffic

    Each type of traffic works with very specific landing pages. You will struggle with conversions if you send cold traffic to a landing page made for warm traffic.

    Now, what you need to learn next is what type of landing pages work with what type of traffic. I'll let you do more research on this topic here.

    Once you know all about traffic and landing pages - you need to learn all about Internet Marketing to generate that targeted traffic you need.

    I hope this helps!

    I wish you the best of the best!

    At the beginning, I thought making money online with a blog was super super hard. Not anymore. Learn the art of making money online blogging - step by step - HERE.
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