Starting a Youtube channel, AdSense questions (scared to get banned)

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Im gonna try going viral on Youtube or as much as possible. Im aiming for a channel with a variety of contents. Im using all copyright free sounds, but with images it's just impossible to come up with juicy content without being paranoid about breaking some copyright dumb law. Anyway, can I take pictures from instagrams/twitters of other people and use them on my videos? If it's for an informative/entertainment video.. wouldn't this fall under "fair use"?

Also, let's say I talk about pornstars. Is it anti AdSense if I make an informative video (obviously without explicit content and so on) about that? All these grey areas are what make me paranoid about AdSense. I don't want to risk getting banned...
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    It's a very great idea to start a Youtube channel and produce as much video content as possible.

    But I personally recommend staying away from Adsense. Even if you don't get banned, Adsense is not the way to go if you want to earn a serious income. Even people who have videos with millions of views on Youtube still on average earn less than $1,000 per month from Adsense.

    The best thing you can do is use Youtube as a lead generation source. Put your content out there, but funnel your visitors into some kind of lead capture system before redirecting them to any kind of offer. If you haven't chosen a niche yet, find one and providing as much valuable info as possible to your prospects.

    There's a ton of CPA networks out there with thousands of offers that you can get paid from in just about every niche. When you do this and learn how to rank your videos, you should have no problem with earning a 6 figure annual income from Youtube traffic alone. Although you shouldn't stop there, because there's plenty of other large video sites that get a lot of traffic such as Daily Motion and Vimeo etc. You should also syndicate your videos these sites as well. They can also rank really well in organic search.

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    I keep hearing how the only legit way is AdSense and most other ways are shit.
    I want to try AdSense first as is the only way I know right now before I venture other ideas, see how it goes and if it's not worth it i'll see what I can do, so I want to make AdSense friendly content for now, as like I said before I have no other ideas for now for monetizing. Can anyone answer if I can use instagram/twitter pictures from famous people for example, and the rest of questions?
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      If you need pictures that you CAN share without getting banned then try simply using Google Advanced Image Search and for "usage rights:" choose "free to use or share"


      Hope it helps!
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        Originally Posted by Avocado Plugins View Post

        If you need pictures that you CAN share without getting banned then try simply using Google Advanced Image Search and for "usage rights:" choose "free to use or share"


        Hope it helps!
        ****, making videos like this is so damn ******* boring. Without instagram /twitter pictures you can't come up with interesting things at least celebs wise.
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          Guys seriously, what can I do?

          Cant use instagram pics
          Cant use twitter pics
          Cant use vines
          Cant use controversial topics
          Cant use gameplay from games

          How the **** do I keep people interested? I dont want to talk on a mic and show my face, so given that premise.. what can I do that doesnt risk my Adsense account?
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