worried due to load of traffic & less revenue

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Hello, all I was too much worried for my website earning
My website details:
  • Games based website
  • According to Google analytics Unique about 200,000 Unique Visitors From UAE, Saudia Arab, Pakistan & from UK, USA
  • many visitors are from Pakistan, almost 1,000,000 + Page views

and revenue is coming only 4000+ dollars only which is very low. few months before adsense giving me 20,000+ dollar for same traffic but now its ruining me, my all content writer are permanent with agreement signed
My earning distribution
3000 dollars amount distributed to content writers,SEOExperts Office place, Energy cost and other things
700 dollars for server & I got only round about only $200 to $400 monthly which is too much low.

too much low earning can any one tell me the best alternative who can give on such impressions up to at leasts 11,000 dollars
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    If you can find CPA offers for that region, you could try those..
    You could also try media.net or infolinks
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    @spillads your website is just new Creation Date: 16-oct-2014, @ChrisBa can you tell me in details please with best website which are giving good rates, Infolinks is nothing they are giving only 700 dollar and annoy my all websites user with there text advertising, so I left infolinks and will never think about it.
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    I might be interested in buying your traffic. Do you mind sending me your website link?
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    There's probably no immediate solution for this. The best thing is to get some detailed tracking in place, and then test things until your back where you want to be. Also, with detailed tracking and analysis in place, you'll be more likely to be able to work out what is causing the loss of conversions over time ... so you can be ahead of the trend next time.

    Work1099 Simplifies Self-Employment.

    Get 600+ Proven Business Models and Money-Making Ideas at: http://work1099.com
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    would you tell me in pm how you made this traffic ? please also tell me what is your url ?
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    Have you tried brokering the traffic to others?
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    Try tying up your site with gaming offers in CPA networks.

    Offers 1-1 Coaching for Bing/CPA/Clickbank.
    1,248 students have benefited so far!
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    i think you should try games offer from CPA network like Cost1Action they have a great games offers for your target geos that you mention your website have.
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