[GUIDE] 1 Powerful Tip that can save you THOUSANDS on your FB ads

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With facebook making changes here and there, things only get confusing.

"Where's the CPC estimate?!"

Familiar to any of you who've recently setup FB ads?

They're not making things easy because...


"Let Facebook get the best prices for your clicks"

Yeah right, pfft.

Here's what today's tip is about:

For those setting up a "Clicks To Website" campaign, you NEED to know the difference between..

1. CPC (Cost per click)

You pay each time a customer clicks your ad.

2. CTW (Clicks to website)

Your cost goes up as your impressions go up. So if you get 0 clicks from 1k impressions.. It's too bad.

3. CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)

Same concept as CTW.

4. DUR (Daily unique reach)

Same concept as CTW and CPM just that you get to decide your reach.

So, what do you notice about the above?

That's right, 3 out of 4 of them are actually CPM.

Without proper management, you can blow your budget EASILY with CPM.

And that's exactly how they make money.


Start your ads with CPC

Once you get some stats, if your CTR is looking good then you can swap to CPM or CTW.

Here are some screenshots on how you can change the settings:

To your success,
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