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Hi PPV Gurus,

I am trying to get my head around frequency caps on PPV (LeadImpact). Couple of questions if I may...

1. Why use a short frequency like 24h?
2. Why use long frequency cap like 14 days.

My thinking is if someone is going to convert, surly they will do this the first time they see your popup? Why would you want them to see your advert again and again.

Am I missing something obvious?

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    It takes on average, 7 views/encounters of a companies ads/websites before a person decides to make a purchase from said company.

    Well, that's a statistic that some gigantic marketing company once figured out - don't recall where I read it.

    Conclusion: Multiple views to your 'brand'/offer is NOT a bad thing. However, if someone sees your ads too often in a short time period they may get annoyed/probably will not purchase anyways.

    The rule of thumb is usually around /24 hours, however it really depends on the campaign, where you advertise, who you are advertising to, etc.

    ABT - Always Be Testing, frequency cap included.

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      Thanks David, that make's a lot of sense.

      I had been getting some conversions but they seem to have fizzled out.

      Does this mean I've burned through all available likely conversions and I'm now just "preaching to the converted" so to speak?

      Would you recommend increasing the time between views? Or maybe pausing the offer for a while?


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  • Test it.

    Test which one will work best for you..

    Set up 2 different campaigns.

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    I normally leave it at 24 hours when starting campaigns.
    If I find campaigns stop converting as well, I'll up it to a larger number (like 72 hours)

    This is just something else to test (test everything)
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    Take ChrisBA's advice on this
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    It depends on the type of offer.

    For the cost per sale offer, sometimes visitors need time to decide whether they purchase the product or not. Many times, they won't make a decision to buy at the first time. That's why we need to pause the popup for a while and show it again at the right time.

    For the cost per lead offer, the frequently cap is usually shorter than the first case.
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