Teespring 1$ profit - why?

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I read this, faq | Teespring Blog, but still dont explain my question.

Im selling a Tanktop, i set sales goal to 20, and the asking price to 17.90, and while i created the prices there it said $11.34 profit/sale.

But now i sold 1 tanktop, and in the campaign overview it says profit 1$!!

Why this i dont understand? If i would sell 20 tanktops i would earn only 20$ or what? And why while creation it says me 11$ profit/sale?

I had the same issu with a hoodie, sales goal was 50, price was 30$, profit per sale was like 17$, then i sold 1 and profit was 5$?

Campaign is still active and i never reached teespring goal so i dont know what will happen exactl if i sell 20 tanktops maybe then average earnings will be 11$ per shirt.
Hope someone can explain how this works exactly or senkd me a link where i can read this, thank you.
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