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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. My goal right now is to learn how to make money online and eventually make a career out of it. I recently took the first step and I just go accepted into an affiliate network, Peerfly, I want to start directing traffic to health, fitness, and weightless offers because that's the niche I'm most educated on. I want to generate the traffic through Facebook, are there any suggestions on how to start out, and know when a lead converts, and also how to make an ad on Facebook that leads to the affiliate link? I'm grateful for any advice and criticism as I'm new and eager to improve. Any links or guides would be awesome.
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    Personally I would create a lead capture page and entice them by giving away a free report. Then send them to different offers.

    It might be counter productive since only a few will see your offer but once, you've build a list you should be able to drive traffic on any offers on demand.
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    There are many Facebook open groups which has over 100K members, you can post there your affiliate link with some interesting title, it can be convert well.

    E-mail: hardik@adattract.com
    Skype: adattract
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    Peerfly is one of the best reliable network out there with lot of high converting offer so congratz. Facebook is definitely one of the great way to drive converting traffic.
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      Thank you, I'm going to try iFraming my link so facebook accepts my ad
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        congrats to u...u can earn through email marketing by collecting email from squeeez page. and do email marketing and another way is that posting to many group in facebook with the help of auto fb group posting software.
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        How do I iframe my link for facebook ads
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    I would recommend you consider other niches. The ones you have listed are some of the more difficult niches to work in
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    Peefly i s very reliable network though just getting accepted is not enough you have long way to go, wish you good luck
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    Have to agree there with ChrisBa. Tried the same thing a couple of years ago and wasn't very successful. You would do well to consider some other niches also
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