Anyone worked with H12 Media before?

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Hey guys,

I was recently contacted by a company called H12 Media, I think it's a pretty new company and they specialize in CPM.

They believe that my "web site will generate great results with our supply side platform tools". They offered me the following two options:

We offer 2 possible pricing options for our publishers. The first one is minimum floor-pricing model, which allows you to specify your minimum selling price as CPM. In case you choose this option, we will buy the ad spaces for your pre-specified price or higher. The traffic which is not filled, will be sent to your back-up banner codes, providing that you are not losing any revenue. All CPM campaingns are advertised by premium brands and they are available only on brand-safe domains.

The second model is called the fulfil option. In this second option, we aim to fulfil your adspaces. Our adserver tries to achieve this purpose via the CPM campaigns first. If the spaces are not fulfilled, we will pass the banner codes to CPC or CPA campaingns in this case.
I'm a total newbie when it comes to CPM. My site gets around 100 visitors per day, sometimes more and sometimes less. If I submit some of my posts to Reddit I can easily get 20k+ visitors. I currently run AdSense Ads on it.

Which option would you guys choose?

I'd love to get some opinions and some more information about CPM and what I should do.


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    i see that many websites using their in-video ads.

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