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by Hippos
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Situation: community website with a reward system for about 30k (international, but most USA) members. Currently rewards are for logging in and other actions on the site, some money coming in from Adsense but it's not great.

Idea: let's reward users for doing surveys, downloading apps, watching sponsored videos, ...

Back to reality: I've spent weeks trying out tens of incentive networks, without result.

Offer walls: either not enough offers available, or no option to disable the not-free offers (there's a huge amount of offers that trick people into getting an expensive mobile subscription). Those offers are good for contentlocking perhaps, but I really can't do that to my members!

App walls: I tried the new appwall from CPAlead and did some tests: I downloaded 5 apps and only got credit for 1. Imagine 30k people doing this and only 20% of them getting their points confirmed... again, I really can't do this to my members. I can accept a few misses here and there, but not 80%!

Sponsored videos: I only found this for apps. I could make an app specifically for this, but at $0.01 per video it wouldn't be worth it. Also, I really would prefer just keeping it in the website.

PPC: some might exist, but rates will be extremely low. Not worth it.

GPT: don't like this idea, but I remember from when I was 14 some GPT sites had like a $1 signup referral bonus, ofcourse this would only work 1 time but still... 30k times $1 is still something. Not really the route I want to go though.

My members have lots of free time, and I would like to monetize it somehow. Any crazy ideas are welcome... it doesn't have to be a network, but it can be.
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