Can a pixel be dropped from the creative itself?

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Last week I attended a webinar about display advertising on a new private rtb network. I didn't sign up for the $ 1495 membership, but the main thing I took from the webby was that they are able to drop the retargeting pixel directly from the ad creative itself without having to send the visitor through a landing page. Meaning the pixel is generated per impression, not per click which makes a huge difference for the audience being built. Has anyone heard about this? What are your thoughts?
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    You bet,,, theirs remarkable tricks and tools to LEVERAGE in SOME OF THESE SELF-SERVE RTB, BIG DATA PLATFORMS! It is possible to ad the remarking code to image ads served, lets say you pixel fires on banner on other site not on your domain. the answer mostly is yes although you must remember the quality here has an impact in your pools and you might be re-marketing to low quality visitors with high pricing.
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      Yes I understand the quality issue. Still..can you elaborate on how it is done?


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    I would also be interested in learning more about this as well.
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