by pfoaf
6 replies sells its self as a content discovery ad network. Similar to , and others.
Started using for the past month making around 50$/day
When i have asked them for the payment of 1300$ i notice that after a day my widgets are removed and i get told that my account is deleted and the earnings are "written off" .
Stay away from using, its a scam company that will delete your account when its time for the payment.
#adnowcom #scam
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    Did you call and ask them what happened?
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    i have sent them many tickets but never got a reply, one rep said that my traffic was not suited and that they dont make money with it. this after 3 weeks of sending them 6k+ clicks/day.
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    i heard back from them , they said they have made an error regarding my funds and the money will be split in smaller amounts and send in the next period.
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    in the end i got my payment in full. so its all good. was just a mistake on their part.
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    You may want to consider changing the title of your thread since you no longer believe you were wronged. It's the only right thing to do.

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  • Hello, as you can see, this topic has been created due to misunderstanding between webmaster and AdNow. But everything ended well and the problem was solved! So if you have any issues while using our network, please contact us and tell us your ID and more information about your problem, we will do our best to work it out. We are always ready to help you.
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