How to Make a Smooth Upgrade to Prosper202 Self Hosted

by Snatch
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Hi all I am currently tracking some campaigns with a self hosted version of Prosper202 and I am about to upgrade seems they made available the pro version for free. Now my question is; as I am running campaigns as we speak through prosper what exactly is the process for making a smooth upgrade without loosing previous data and to keep the tracking links and postback pixels up and running without having to go and change them?

I am looking at this doc here but is there anything else to it? Cause I red horror stories at this thread and I obviously want to avoid loosing a bunch of money and problems before upgrading.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts on this.
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  • There will never be a need to change any of your links when you upgrade Prosper202 because we make sure all your important data, settings and links stay the same.

    What version are you upgrading from?

    Additionally, we have support plans available now that includes personal installation assistance. So for absolute peace of mind and a smooth upgrade, let us (the developers) take care of your upgrade.

    Here's a blog post with more details
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      Hi Nana, current version 1.8.15, so from what I understand I just have to do the steps outlined in this doc and I am all set?

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    Aside from what Nana mentioned, you should take a backup of the files and db prior
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      Gotcha txs,
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  • Yep @ what Chris said, making a backup of the database and the 202-config.php file is always a good idea.
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      Originally Posted by Nana Gilbert-Baffoe View Post

      Yep @ what Chris said, making a backup of the database and the 202-config.php file is always a good idea.
      Hey Nana, just bough the basic plan, what happens is after the purchase I ended up in a success blank page, and I still haven't received any email either. Checked my CC and the charge appears as TRACKING202.COM also got a email receipt but I don't know how to access.
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        Ok, all done already receiving support. Thanks
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    Just wanted to do a quick review for the service I bought from Prosper202, I am using P202 for few years and I always have had difficulties understanding it fully because is a great but a complex tool. Today after I bought the premium support I was able to chat with Nana and he helped me very quickly and even over-delivered by doing something for me.

    If anyone is still on the fence I would suggest to go and buy it its a is an amazing value for this price.
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