Adsense Alternatives?

by akd545
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I know there are a few Adsense alternatives that are out there that can be added to your sites. My question is if you use these alternatives which one have you found to give you results? My next question is the possibility my site being penalized in the search engine results if I use these alternatives?
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    No good alternatives to adsense. Dont think of adbrite and all those
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    Nothing good, but for a work at home niche I recommend AdHitz. Not sure if you can get penalized for using other PPC networks, it's highly unlikely unless they're really, really bad (as in hidden iframes and malware).

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    try infolinks

    Get Content Targeted Super Real Traffic to Boost your Adsense Revenue!

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    Bing ads will help you. You can also find help in Fiverr to de-penalized your site.
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      I hate to say it but there is really not very many good alternatives to Adsense. If you are out ,don't fret though.

      Probably best anyways. Adsense is good but Affiliate Marketing/Product Creation and building a List is better long term, imo

      - Robert Andrew
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    The other ones were already bad to begin with...
    But now with the rise of ad blockers? things just got much worse.

    That said, many people rely on Chitika and

    Hope this helps:
    Over 40 Google AdSense Alternatives To Make Money Blogging
    Chitika Review 2015 - High paying adsence alternative- Alert!
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    I'd say: comes as a second option when you don't use AdSense.
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    Adsense is still #1 PPC network. However you should try native advertising networks like Adblade, Nativeads, Taboola, Outbrain etc.

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  • Profile picture of the author kimanierick would do you good but not better than Adsense. I wonder why you are looking for alternatives while you have the best.But if you want to explore and try varieties I dont think you can be penalized for any reason. Thank you
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    If you've got enough traffic you could try selling ad space directly or through a network.
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    I will say Bing is the best alternative in my opinion. When I assess these networks, I look at their growth and expansion.

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    Actually the Adsense is the best. If you think you need to do another things other than the Adsense. You can do the Affiliate marketing. In this case you should turn off the Adsense. You should not use both of these option at a time in a single site.
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      Most of my income comes from affiliate/cpa networks. Honestly I figured out that adsense was garbage back when it was supposedly "good money."

      Do you really want some continuously changing ad on your site that you have no control over? Your income is random and your site has to comply with their BS rules.

      I suggest you replace the ad unit with an opt-in box and learn the basics of email and affiliate marketing.
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    Hi, By googling you will get a lot. And look here, a lot of site already recommended. But no one is like Ad-sense. It's best and will best.
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    adsense is still great bro.
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    Find CPA or CPL offers that are related to your audience and put banners on your website. This way you can earn even more compared to Adsense
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    Adsense is by far the best, but if you want you can also try

    Good Luck,

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    Although Adsense is the best, you can try bing as an alternative.
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    I think you can be penalized only for BH seo or for copyright infringement content on your site, not for using a certain network.
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    Google Adsense is the best by far, even though Bing Ads is a valid alternative.

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    Google adsense is great, everybody knows it. If you want an alternative(best), try propeller ads.
    Propeller Ads - Adsense Alternative
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    If you like pop under advertising then you can try PopAds or PopCash, they both are good. There's no ad network that can catch up Adsense, i use all three ad networks on separate sites and all three perform well for me. Infolinks is also a great option, i used it for a couple of months and its rates are like 1/4 of adsense but surely you will like it if you have some traffic on your website. My website is an ad network reviewing website so i try many ad networks on day to day basis, and from my experience i can say either try very well established ad networks or try new ones that look promising because new ad networks offer higher rates to catch the attention of publishers. I do not recommend media(.) net as it can kick you out anytime.

    Amit Kumar

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