anyone getting pm'd about their cpa account and how they can make u money?

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hi guys

last few days i have been getting pms asking me to hand over my neverblue login details and they will make me money, they are saying that i get 20% of what they make, now obviously i havent told them my login details, anyone else getting these messages?

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  • you've been getting these messages in this forum right? (since your said PM, I figured it was a forum)....
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      Originally Posted by Admiral.W View Post

      you've been getting these messages in this forum right? (since your said PM, I figured it was a forum)....
      yes this forum mate
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    Watch out for phishing PMs. I suggest you report the PM so that the WF Staff can check it out.
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    sounds like you are being propositioned to engage in criminal activity that will leave you the victum in the end...

    best way to proceed is contact your AM and get a set of 'dummy details' to hand the scammer. So that NB can then track how they generate the fraud and nip them at the source.
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    i asked them why dont they use their own account and they said they dont have one, hmmmmmmmmm
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    Just report the damn PM and user. IF needed open a support ticket @ HelpDesk explaining the situation.

    Let's keep this place clean, shall we?

    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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      Posts like that are generally sent to multiple people...probably one of the reasons that this forum is set with time lapse between posts.

      You are probably not alone in receiving that one.

      Interesting that someone who does not even have an account is promising
      that they can make you money with one.

      Anyone receiving a PM like this should report it...not a smart move to allow anyone
      you don't know who is clearly willing to violate TOS access to your accounts or the ability to promote anything using your name.

      By virtue of the request this is not someone you can trust in any manner.
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        I have also received the same PM.
        Here is what it said

        "Hello I see that you have a neverblueads account. I am part of a group that could make you up to 4k a month with your account. Get back to me if you are interested."

        I told him I was interested but I wold not do anything to jeopardize my acct or do anything BlueFart. This is the reply I got back.

        " Well what we do is use your account to make more money and you get a percentage. No one has been banned or what have you for this. Let me know if you are still interested."

        It looks like a scam to me, but I did ask for more info just out of curiosity.
        I am going to report it to WF staff.
        Without putting myself or my acct at risk I am going to try and figure out what they are up to, I will post back my findings later.

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          I reported the guy who sent me the PM to the forum staff and he has now been banned!
          The member name was "cpaentrepreneurexpert", if you recieved this message from someone else report them to forum staff!!!

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    Yeah, never give ANYTHING to ANYONE online, unless you know exactly who they are and know exactly why they need information.

    If someone told you to jump off a cliff?... etc etc, blah blah..


    James (or Eddie)

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    Just use common sense as it's probably highly either a scam or high risk.
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    I got one of those PM's as well. I did report it.
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