Proxy sites causing issues with my ad network

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Hello -

We have a site with a lot of good tier-1 traffic.

Recently our ad network contacted us first saying there was fraudulent traffic. We pulled all the google analytics and every report we could find to prove there are no bots or purchased traffic.

They researched the issue further and said that other domains were "coming through on our ad tags". They said I need to disable these domains from "coming through":

Now, I know 2 of those are proxy sites. So I guess what is happening is that someone visits my site via a proxy, and somehow then the ad tag fires but the domain is not the domain the ad tag is running on and instead reflects the proxy site domain.

A couple of questions for you guys:

1. This must be a problem not specific to do you prevent your ad tags from showing when your site is being accessed through a proxy?

2. Any idea how to, as they put it, "stop those domains from coming through" on the ad tags? I have both OpenX and DFP available as the ad server.

Thanks in advance
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