No FB ad conversions - switch to diff objective (max clicks)?

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Hey there,

first post so please take it easy on me

We've been running ads for a few months now, mostly Facebook for now. We are getting conversions but most all come from exit intent signups that I have implemented - only very few if any directly convert on the landing page (email opt in).

Aside from obviously needing to fix that very issue, I was wondering if Facebook makes a distinction based on the goal I select as to how much I pay for the ad, how it distributes the ad and how it actually optimizes it in their ad network (when it is shown to whom). So since we haven't been getting many conversion, I was contemplating switching to 'optimize for clicks'. Does that make sense at all or just leave it as is?

thanks guys,
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    I remember there's a tool for FB can help your problem but i don't remember exactly.... But I think if running FB ads, PPC's better
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    Well regardless of how Facebook optimizes and distributes your ad or what goal you set for your ad, your issue is that while your ad gets clicks to your landing page, it's not converting.

    So your main problem like you said is conversions and this happens after they click the ad so it's not directly related to the Facebook ad(in general, of course different audiences convert differently but we assume that anyone clicking the ad is interested in your offer to the same degree). You can safely decide your problem is the conversions if you have at least a few hundred clicks to the landing page.

    So while your can split test you ad, sales copy, image, ad objective etc in parallel you can split test your landing page to improve conversions. First you should start with a proven squeeze page template that has a high conversion rate, then split test different sales copy, colors, buttons, lead magnets etc
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    I think you should check your content.
    User click your ads, but, it's not Sale conversions.
    Maybe, your contents aren't attractive.
    What's your produce/service? Sometime, your Ads are limited by FB.
    And, I agree that you should split test your ads.
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