What is a decent ROI?

by dro91
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Hello everybody!

I'd like to know what is a decent ROI with facebook ads in the world of ecommerce dropshipping with the price range of 200-500$ and we have a 20% margin on the sold product?

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.
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    It all depends on what you're willing to accept. I'd say 50-100% but it also depends on volume.
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    Hi dro91,

    What is considered a "decent ROI" is different for each and every niche and varies a great deal within each and every niche. It really is up to each individual to decide what they personally think is "decent".

    Rather than seek some mythological benchmark that would not help you, even a little bit, you should be setting goals and measuring your performance against your personal goal, not some random opinion about a non-applicable benchmark.

    Have you bothered to set a specific time bound goal?

    Have you established specific, and measurable, milestones and objectives, that lead to your specific goal?

    Have you created a marketing plan, based on a strategy to achieve your specific objectives and goals?

    You will know what a decent ROI is once you have done those prerequisite tasks. With that marketing plan, to compare to your actual performance, a decent ROI will be quite apparent.
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