Any Advice on Using Mobile Traffic?

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Hi, I've just got started using mobile traffic, and so far it's been a bust. I'm working with MaxBounty and Peerfly and running traffic through StartApp, mostly in-app banners. I ran 3 campaigns, and these were the results:

An app install, the payout was $1.00 and the EPC was $0.25. I know results vary, but I was expecting a good conversion rate based on the EPC. This was US targeted. I got 65 clicks, no results.

A paid Whatsapp customization service, targeted at France. Basically, wallpapers. I didn't expect much from this because it's a paid service, but French mobile traffic is cheap. 672 clicks, no results. The payout was $4.20 and the network EPC was $0.42.

A BizOp offer, one page submit asking for name, email and phone number. I'd run this one before with a banner on a thank you page of a bizop opt-in. I had a $0.10 EPC, the network EPC was $0.18. This time the traffic was less targeted, but I expected something at least something more than 505 clicks, no results.

The problem with traffic on StartApp is that you can't target the traffic very well, but with banner traffic I'd expect some result instead of nothing. StartApp is a good network, so I don't think I'm getting bot traffic. I understand that with CPA you have a test a lot to see what works, but I really expected some results with that amount of traffic. Any tips or advice? Is mobile traffic just finicky with opt-ins?
Thanks in advance!
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    Why don't you test our traffic? We're CPM based, but we do targeting down to city level, we offer whitelisting and we've just introduced zone exclusion for further segmentation of your niche so you can profit more with your campaigns with our platform.
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    Thing is, banner traffic on mobile are not reliable and lots of clicks are misclick.

    Install an ads apps and try out, then you will know.
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