Anyone having success with banner ads?

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Is anyone having success with banner ads? Been trying some on adwords and on niche forums but neither seems to be getting much action. CTR is running .1-.2% with only about a .05% conversion rate. ROI is not good.
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    Hey at least you're getting some conversion, maybe you just need to scale it up. Find more forums to place your banners on.
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    How many different banner ads have you tried?/?
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    You sure banners are the best way for you? what are you advertising?
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    Banners are great for branding and getting seen, but not great for click thru or sales. It has been this way for a decade or so now. Not that many people click on banners. Most people ignore them, but if you saturate an area/market enough, then you will be noticed and they will assume your business must be doing well because they see you so much. Awesome for branding, lousy for sales
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    CTR depends on niche - it's around 20% for dating, but maybe 1% for software.

    Buy inline text links to make more money from CPA offers - people reading text are much more likely to be committed buyers. Plus the links won't (hopefully) get stripped out by ad blockers.
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