Anyone ever experiment with negative banner ads?

by TheBigBee 4 replies

I was wondering if any of you have experimented with negative ads to get a higher CTR on your banner ads?

Example: "Do NOT Click This Button"

It's like when you tell someone "oh my god, there's a car accident, don't look!" - they'll always look. Anyway, anyone ever experiment with anything like this? Thanks!
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    That's the first time I ever heard about such a thing. If someone indeed tries it I will love to hear the results.
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    Negative banner ads could work on a clickbait/ content website. Other industries, not so much. We specialize in banner ads for the gaming industry and do not use negative banner ads - it would not work for our target audience.
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    The biggest obstacle with banner ads is ad blindness. You'd probably achieve better results creating damn right weird looking ads.
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