Help me please, I am a beginner in CPA, what are the company that accepts the beginner?

by kaiweb 12 replies
Please I begin on CPA marketing, I have several web sites, and I want to register to least one company CPA? Is that you know of companies who accepts the beginners?
Knowing that I have just received "non-approvable" of adscendmedia
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    yes approving in the cpa network is quite tuff for begineers i would recommend you to check in there list of tons of affiliate and cpa and choose where you want to start
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    Try Peerfly and Maxbounty, they are normally very good.
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    You can apply for

    Most people get accepted in 1-2 days
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    Maxbounty and Peerfly are the two newbie friendly networks that come to my mind. Just make sure to be honest with your application and I am sure you will do fine.
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      oh, please .. get real.. Peerfly requires a past experience and a prove that you have made $500 with a cpa network or have a website with high daily visitors count, and Maxbounty rejected my application twice, last rejection was today!! although I have good experience with cpa networks and I contacted them via phone many times but no use, it seems they are no longer newbie friendly
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    You also have another option to run incent campaigns but you should first stick with non-incent campaigns. If you decide to give incent campaigns a try then cpalead is your best bet else there is always MB and PR.
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    gtburst is an ad network for gaming websites that will accept beginners!
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    I've used both peerfly and maxbounty. both are easy to be accepted into to start out with and they both usually have a good variety of offers
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    you can signup with cpagrip, they accept everyone instantly.
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    Thank you all for your visit, thank you for the precious time you have to help me,
    I already started with Cpagrip, I brought back traffic but there is not a high conversion rate.
    I have three sites on three languages,
    But I could not get to a reasonable target with free traffic.
    And I find that everybody counts a paid traffic, but I can not use it because I'm still at the beginning, I have to know what is good and what is not before spending the money

    What do you think ?
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      If you are looking for high conversion rate, once try out Admitad- the biggest CPA affiliate network, currently working 7 countries along with a wide range of publishers and advertisers. Also, the benefits for being with Admitad are; the instant communication, satisfying payment cycle, in-house technology. May i know what all your 3 websites are and where all they are working so that i can help you in a better way.

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