what are all specifications of the proxy that adsense accepts?

by migha
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I want to know
1- how old should my proxy site be before applying for adsense?
and how many visitors ( traffic ) should my proxy have to be accepted by adsense?
2- what are all specifications of the proxy site that adsense accepts?

and many thanks in advance
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    For getting accepted in adsense your site has to be atleast 3 months old (for Asian countries 6 months), your site has to be professional looking and unique content wise (no duplicate content), your site must not generate any kind of automated traffic etc

    There is no fixed traffic recommendations for adsense
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    Your site has to be a bit old.
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    If you are Asian, you have to wait for 6 months otherwise it's okey to wait for 3 months
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    As far as blogs go.

    I know guys that just wait 14 days doing 3 posts per day. Each post being a minimum of around 600 words. They will also have a corresponding FB page and run some campaigns to get some likes and traffic.

    I have seen Adsense approve sites that did absolutely nothing more than post 5 good quality articles.The sites were all well under 3 months old, but older than 14 days.
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