For those of you who use an ad network

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For those you who use an ad network, do you prefer CPM, CPC or CPA, and why? Are you an advertiser or a publisher?
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    It all depends on your goals.

    A picture that, in my opinion, quite accurately reflects the difference in the approaches between CPC and CPM
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    Great point innn. We are working on expanding our offerings and appreciate your feedback.
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    I don't want to speak in behalf of everybody but I would think that advertiser would prefer CPA in order to pay only for result and publishers would prefer CPM in order to get paid for each and every user who comes to their website.
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      Great point. Perhaps CPC is the middle-ground?
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    Also, keep in mind there will be those that will have traffic that will produce low click and high conversion. In which CPA is much more preferred over CPC.
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    Hello GT,

    I am a trafficker on the advertiser side. I can say without a doubt I prefer CPM. It is cheaper and will definitely allow you to reach more people. With the right amount of optimizations and targeting you will reach your target audience for cheaper for sure.
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