Does CPA marketing work on a low budget?

by ns17
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Hi Warriors..

Does CPA marketing work with budgets like $500-$1000 a month?

I see that many people always mention that you need to have at least $500 a day budget...

Then there are coaches everywhere.... don't know if they are fake or real.... who claim you can start with $100 also..

So if anyone who has been doing CPA can you give honest opinion on this.
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    It on depends what traffic source you are using and how much you are bidding on your keywords (in case you're using PPC). It also depends on your income goals and your expectations. In my opinion, starting with a budget of $500 is not bad at all if you know what you're doing. Once you start seeing some ROI, you can scale and reinvest your profits or part of them into more promotion.
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  • I am working with peerfly CPA marketing, I am using "" you can start with low budget like $100 with this network, but this network support only the mobile adverting. few Vendor allows Search ads you can use bing or Facebook for banner ads use Leadbolt .com" it is one of the quality traffic.
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    It all depends on the quantity of campaigns you are running and what traffic source you're running on.

    Google Adwords Search can range around $0.30 CPC for many niches.

    1 Campaign on $100/day Budget = 335~ Clicks
    5 Campaigns on $100/day Budget = 67~ Clicks/Campaign

    Use Other Mobile-Heavy sources and you could be around $0.05-0.08 CPC
    1 Campaign on $100/day Budget = 1,250~ Clicks
    5 Campaigns on $100/day Budget = 250~ Clicks/Campaign

    See the difference?

    You also have to consider the $$$ you're getting in commissions or CPA Payout and the general conversion rate of your offer.

    When you're setting up a testing budget (in the beginning) it's very rarely that you'll have campaigns be winners from day 1. It's possible, but something I wouldn't count on.

    Now here's the tricky part, especially for newbies. Many people just starting out in CPA or driving any PPC traffic for that matter severely over-estimates the conversion rate of the offer. This is primarily due in part to the coach using "realistic" numbers that they pull from their butt.

    "If only Z% convert and the payout is $Y and you spend $X to get that conversion, how much could you spend a day to make commissions like clockwork"

    Using the law of numbers, you generally want to see around 100-200 clicks per campaign to see if it's going anywhere or not. Any PPC platform or other native networks will let you blacklist/whitelist or pause groups until you get the winning combination. So having 2 conversions in 200 clicks may not let you break even, but you can drill down more and get 2 conversions in 100-150 clicks after a week of optimizing.

    So that's generally why people will suggest larger initial budgets for CPA or PPC campaigns in general but it is "possible" with lower amounts.
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      thanks for long post. It got me thinking about how i will improve on some things. useful points here sir.
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        Why not, you can even start with $5 per day, but it will limit your earning as well..less spend less make, more spend more make that's it...
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    I've been promoting affiliate / CPA offers for over 16 years.

    I mainly drive traffic by acquiring 3rd party data. Which is email data that users have given permission to receive messages from third parties. I get the opt-in record for each user and it's 100% can-spam compliant.

    If I was ever in the position that all I could spend was $500 - $1000 per month, I would start out by getting rev-share data (revenue-sharing). Which is 3rd party data as I mentioned above, but I get it for $0 upfront costs.

    Which I then test the data sources I'm receiving and keep the good sources and stop receiving the poor sources. I then split the revenue generated from sending the data, with the data providers. So I'm basically only paying for good data that converts.

    The $500-$1000 per month would go into building/maintaining the infrastructure needed to test and send the data since I'm not spending any money upfront for the data. Which for that amount of money, I could push high volume.

    Of course, it's not quite as simple as stated. As there is more to it than it appears on the surface.
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    You have to be very careful where you buy your traffic because if you get the company bad traffic that gets you commissions but no conversions for them, you might not get paid.

    You want to test small and ask the company how the leads are converting. If they tell you that they are no good, you don't want to buy more traffic from that source.

    Once you find a good traffic source that they are happy with, then you can scale.
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    Another important factor is cash flow and how quickly you get paid by the CPA networks. If it's at least weekly you can reinvest pretty quickly. But if it's 30 days, it will take you a lot more time to be able to reinvest.
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    It depends on the offers, the traffic source that you use. I use the viral method on instagram and get 1000 clicks/week on my CPA offers (earn $2-$4 per each lead) and the conversion is around 50%. That's good. Just play smart.
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    If you know what you are doing you can make $100 profitable. A properly created PPC Ad could generate leads at $0.60 per lead. With an $100 ad spend that is 99 leads and let's say the CPA is paying you $3 per lead that is $297 in revenue and $237 in profit
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    I actually know a few really good coaches in the industry, and yes it depends on your traffic source as well. You can still test with $500 a month
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    Also to add to what I said, just because it's low budget doesn't mean it's the best way to learn.

    Some say to test 2-5x the payout, but you could run a low budget offer and it could be complete garbage. I know a guy who lost $5,000 cause he ran traffic like a ding dong
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    Honestly I make money with CPA and viral method on Instagram, yeah, the budget is only for initial investment for the method, that's it. No big deal. And I gain around $100/day.
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    You can promote CPA offers with both free and paid methods. The following free methods are good to promote any CPA offers:

    1. Youtube video
    2. Blogging and SEO
    3. Social Media (FB Groups, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc)
    4. Community Sites such as Quora, Yahoo Answers etc

    For paid traffic, you can follow the methods below:

    1. Facebook Ads
    2. Pinterest Ads
    3. YouTube Ads
    4. Google Ads

    Remember, before starting CPA marketing, you must have a clear knowledge of market research, targeted audience, promotional methods, conversion techniques, profitable niche, etc. If you are a newbie, learn all the topics very well, then start promoting CPA offer; otherwise, you never get success.
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    As long as you promote using free ways and do it well, you should earn, but don't expect a lot. I see social media as a great source for traffic, but you gotta be careful to not be spammy. People are fed up with spam nowadays.
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    Yes you can. But returns might be lower. I run CPI campaigns (not CPA, but similar in a sense) on low budgets. At the moment for every $50 dollar ad spent, I get around $59 back. So I am netting $9 profit.

    I started off with $150 USD, split over 3 platforms.
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    A real CPA expert should tell you that PPC marketing where you budget over $100 daily, isn't the only way to promote CPA offers and make a lot of money from it. You can create a niche site, manage it and promote CPA offers on it. In fact if you are going to start out with PPC, you will lose some of the hundred dollars you budgeted for start up before you start getting good return.
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