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I have recently made a rather large purchase through Flippa.

The previous owner had verified earnings with Adsense, with the lowest being $42 in Feb 2017. Aside from that the site has made a consistent $50-$100 per month for the last year.

I have changed nothing about the site and I'm seeing the large amount of traffic (around 500 unique visitors per day), but I'm not seeing similar results.

Also, I have the Adsense app on my phone. I am seeing 3 clicks on the app but the Adsense website on my desktop still is showing ZERO clicks. I can't understand what is going on here.

Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Adsense data is not live. It's a few hours behind. If you literally just got the site, there's that to consider. Where they using any 3rd Party resources such as Ezoic which would have a dramatic effect on Adsense revenue?

    Have you synced your Adsense account up with your Analytic account? Have you fully replaced the adsense code from his adsense account to yours? Aside from the $42 in Feb 2017, what were the results this year (by month?) What were the traffic stats for this year by month? Where was the traffic coming from? He could have very well used paid traffic to get the adsense revenue up and then dumped it on you.

    3 Clicks out of 500 uniques isn't that far off really. CTR isn't very high for Adsense ads. $40 - 50/month equates to approximately $1.34 - 1.67/day.

    What are your current daily average?

    Just need more data before jumping to conclusions.
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    Your numbers are so low that it's not possible to judge a month till it's over. If the pay-per-click is $2.75, for instance. You can get 18 or 19 clicks in the last week of a month and make your 50.

    You have a big issue (if you've done everything suggested in the post above mine) if the pay-per-click is $0.15 or something like that.
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