What Are Your Thoughts And Experiences With Solo Ads?

by amuro
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May I ask you guys what your thoughts and experiences with buying solo ads are?

Most importantly will you recommend them to newbies starting out online if you do make $ with them?
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    Now if your a solo ad seller with a nice big list some buyers some ... I have done solo ads with only one company and thought it did a great job for the $20. ... All my experiences with solo ads have been a nightmare so I'm ...
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      Originally Posted by Rahatvin Oli View Post

      Now if your a solo ad seller with a nice big list some buyers some ... I have done solo ads with only one company and thought it did a great job for the $20. ... All my experiences with solo ads have been a nightmare so I'm ...
      Why are all your sentences incomplete?
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    Poor experience for me. Didnt work well.
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    Solo ads are much like any other advertising technique. There are risks and rewards. Some of it depends on how much money you are willing to invest. There's also the quality of your offer and - particularly with solo ads - the experience and reliability of the vendor.

    If your looking to hit a home run with some product sales you probably need a good chunk of change to stay with it and find the right vendors for you.

    That said, I would definitely recommend solo ads for list building.
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    You really have to know what you are doing when it comes to solo ads. They can be a very effective form or marketing, but if you do not know what you are doing, then you could lose your shirt.

    Unfortunately there are some scammers selling solos, so you have to do your research.

    The best way is to join some of the Solo Ad Testimony groups and look at the reviews of the solo vendor.

    Don't just go after the "good" deal. Read the reviews and see how many optins the average person gets ad how many sales.

    Then engage the vendor too and get a feel for them as a person.
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    Definitely not for everyone. You really have to know what you are doing and finding quality vendors can be quite a task. Nichebloger75 has some really good posts. Do a search
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    I'd say it's darn hard to get good quality solo ad sellers who have quality list. Most sellers don't have quality list, if they did they would be promoting to their list themselves, not sell to others.
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    The best guidance I could give for any advertising (solo ads included) would go something like this:
    1. Always have a high quality offer - one that prospects in the niche would be crazy not to jump all over. It will be focused on a problem, a need or a desire of a specific and targeted market.
    2. Understand your metrics. It doesn't make any sense to roll the dice and "hope" that your ad will be successful. Learn to analyze what the numbers tell you and don't bet on something that you think will be a winning exception. (If you're new and have no numbers, pay attention to #8 below)
    3. Sell one thing at a time and only give the prospect one "buy or not" alternative. When you get more experienced you can give prospects buying options - but not at first. Keep it straightforward and simple - buy it or not!
    4. Target your offer to an urgent or critical problem or desire of the prospect - relieve his/her pain with your solution. Forget selling stuff to prospects that would be "nice to have" - go for solutions to current frustrations, nagging problems, and major "pain points."
    5. Remove all the risk of the prospect losing his/her money by making a purchase from you.
    6. Get the prospect's contact information regardless of making the sale. There are ways to do this by structuring your offer correctly.
    7. Include powerful testimonials in the ad. You can get these even if you are selling a brand new "never seen before" product.
    8. Start small and conservatively. It makes no sense to bet the farm on your first ad with any venue. You may need to triple T the offer several times to make it profitable! (Sorry, that's test, track, tweak)
    9. Be professional. Mistakes, poor design, sloppy language, bad grammar, cheap graphics . . . they are all excused by a few prospects . . . but it is a real turn-off to a lot of prospects. It's better to spend a little extra to make the ad look great (even if you need outside help to do it).
    10. Always have in the back of your mind that your first sale to every prospect is only the start of a lifelong buyer/seller relationship. Make every offer experience with you a positive and happy one so the prospect feels good about coming back for more. Think "loyal and happy customer" for all my other products as well.
    Like every other strategy in online marketing, solo ads can be effective and wonderful . . . or . . . a nasty costly experience you'll never want to repeat.

    The very best to all of you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    It depends on the seller and how they treat their list.

    Most lists are being bombarded with FREE offers every day, and are used to getting something for nothing.

    That being said I've had really good results and extremely bad ones. I did a 100 click run and got 82% opt-in rate & 12 sales which is not to shabby.

    Then the same amount of clicks with another seller I only achieved 22% opt-in & no sales with the same offer, so it's swings & roundabouts.
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    it depends on their list

    do smaller test first, to see if it leads to sales, if not try somewhere else.

    Solo ads can do well but, but these days there are lots of lists that are spammed the crap out of.

    Its hard to find the wheat amongst the chaff, but there are some good providers if you search hard enough.
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