Best CPA which actually pays high amounts?

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I have multiple websites that generate over 100k per site daily (traffic from search engines, social media etc)

After doing a fair amount of research, I see many people complaining about adsense closing accounts due to many reasons and pretty much not paying the site admin for the clicks, so I am wondering which service should I go for? Which ad network pays without issues etc and pays well, because doing the maths my sites should generate at least $500 per day and if I get the right keywords and ads shown I should get a high click rate etc.

But I would also like to see the opinions from other site admins, bloggers etc and also would like you to answer the following question....

With for example 500k total traffic all sites are based on high paid niches (loans, health, travel etc) with good keywords and high click rate to external sites how much do you personally think I could make from ad revenue per day?
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    Adsense are good for specific sites but I see many complains about them like you said from websites that are not really Google's "favorites". With your traffic volume you can make some nice money if the traffic is from HQ geo's. for every site different things work. For me I use now 2 different ad types and with much less traffic then your I make over $100 per day. I use both native ads from Taboola and popunder ads from Admaven.
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      My traffic is split USA/UK mainly US traffic any predictions on how much i could potentially make?
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    You may connect with admitad once, might be they will help you in a better way. I hope it suits you well too.
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    The thing with CPA where many webmasters go wrong is it takes some testing before you see results. Most will work and pay out "high amounts" but you need to do your diligence and test different ads, different placements, different offers, different calls to action, etc. If you do your work, you will normally get results.

    Unfortunately what many people do is just try 1 offer, copy and paste the networks creative and throw it randomly somewhere on a website then complain how did they make tons of money. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, you need to spend the time on it, but if you do, it can be very lucrative.
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