Ad network where I can precisely choose the ad topic / category

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Hi warriors,
I am building a website on which it is crucial that I can control which ads appear where.
I want very precise control over the category of the ads.

For example : I want to be able to show 4 different categories
of ads on the same site, in different corners.
Lets say the site has 4 slots like this :
| 1 | 2 |
| 3 | 4 |
and I want to display 4 different categories of ads in 4 slots, for example
( examples of categories of adds )
1 : adds for X kind of porn (i.e. gay, lesbian, ... )
2 : bitcoin/ethereum investing adds
3: political adds for candidate X / party Y at event Z
4: adds for internet service provider X

The crucial part is that I have very precise control over which ads appear where (I choose X,Y and Z above).

Do you know of any ad network, that would allow me to specifically choose the ads ?

Ideally, they wouldn't be too strict on which sites the ads appear on, some (amazon) strictly forbid placing ads on websites with explicit content, so that would be a deal breaker.
Also : the website will be more like an online game, so the network must be fine with that as well.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
I am a complete newbie with regard to advertising and got stuck in the confusing plethora of conditions for use of each network.
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