How to avoid geotargetting and see us ads?

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Do you have any idea of how can I avoid geotargetting from my country and see US ads?

I tried google adpreview, but, surprinsingly , it seemed that for the keyword forex it showed only organic results.

Otherwise, when I searched the keyword forex is semrush, a lot of ads were displayed.

Any idea how to see US ads in the google search engine if I am abroad?
Thank you very much!
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    "Setting up location exclusions is very similar to setting up location targeting -- all you have to do is enter the name of the area that you'd like to exclude.

    To exclude areas within the locations you've selected, follow these steps:

    Sign in to your AdWords account at
    Click the Campaigns tab.
    Click the name of the campaign you wish to edit to open your campaign settings.
    Click the Settings tab.
    Click Edit next to "Locations.""
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    Do what said below.

    But what's your real purpose? spying the competitors?

    Cause there are more in-depth tools for spying competitor's ads for better performing yours.

    Pay attention to forex ads cause the marketing is literally saturated
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    You could look at using a US proxy or VPN
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    Hey Mikey! i agree with ChrisBa but I typically do it the other way around (i geo-spoof the US from the UK with expressvpn). Works pretty well generally
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    Browse through some VPN, that's what I do to see ads in different countries.
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    its awesome, right? But its increasingly hard to know which VPN to trust these days. Just read this article a few days ago where a VPN provider was spying on its users:
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