Google Adsense blank space showing up.

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Hello, my cousin gave me his google adsense account and I changed all the information (since we have the same last name) to start working with it for my website, the question is: when I put an ads on my website a blank space appears, how do I get verified or approved by them since I already have an account?
Thanks in advance.
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    How much old your website is? Is your website getting any organic traffic?
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      It's only 10 days since I created it. And yes it's starting showing up in google search.
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    Just go to your adsense account and go to the ads type and get the code and copy it and go to your website dashboard and paste it in your header.php.
    then it activate takes some time it shows type of your add size you select in your adsense account.
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      I go to level-page or my ads? Because I tried both of them.
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    Since your cousin gives you his adsense account. maybe he is activated the verified site feature. So, check it out and make sure to add your website where you want to show ads.
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    Originally Posted by salimhm01 View Post

    when I put an ads on my website a blank space appears
    This happens at the very start. Meaning, when you first generate the ad and place it on your site, it takes up to 5-10 minutes to appear, in some cases, maybe longer or shorter in time.

    I hope this helps.
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      Do you mean that I don't need to contact them about my website or anything? Just put the ads on the header and wait till they verify it?
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    What you are doing is against the TOS of Adsense - accts cannot be transferred from one person to another. You can't get 'verified or approved' to use someone else's acct. You need to apply for Adsense on your own.

    The people who answered above either didn't read your initial post or don't know much about Adsense.

    Google has probably flagged the acct and chances are the acct will be banned. If you are able to get ads it may be temporary - google is smarter than the average marketer.
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