Facebook Ads Pixel for Multi Niche Site

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As far as I know, the Facebook Pixel gets experienced and accurate by time and help you do super customization and bring your cost per conversion down as the pixel grows. This is a great thing if it is installed on a specific niche site. But in what way should we implement the pixel when it comes to a multi-niche site? Suppose, I have a site where I sell dog and bee products. Certainly I do not want my pixel to get messed up collecting data of both dog passionate fb users and bee passionate fb users. Let's assume I am not running ads at the same time for both niche; I am running only ads for one niche at a time.

In this scenario, how can a Facebook pixel be successfully implemented to collect distinguishable data for 2 or more different niches? Is conversion tracking by multiple Facebook pixel on the same site possible at all? I have a woo-commerce multi niche site and I have been looking answer to this question for day. But no luck yet!
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