Adsense Not Making Any Sense

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Hi Guys

I have a website that creates about 1000+ traffic a day for a few keywords over a few different articles. I have adsense on the site and for a few days when the traffic started coming in I was earning about 0.22 give an take a few pence CPC.

For some reason the CPC has gone down to 0.01 pence per click today and my CTR is 2.11% which is average. It's basically all over the place and I've chosen Autoads from Adsense which places ads on your pages automatically.

What the hell is going on?

I have come to the comclusion that there is something not making any sense with Adsense. Is it the Autoads feature? I do like the new feature as it takes the headache away from embedding code into my posts and it also take care of the ads on my amp pages too.

My site is a viral news / magazine type site which does have varied articles.
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