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I'm thinking of starting a Wikipedia-type pet, animal, and dinosaur site. I can rank it. I'm wondering what the AdSense earnings are on something like that. How much could I expect to make per every 1,000 unique visitors? I can't seem to find this answer on Google. So, I need someone with some expert advice.
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    No one will be able to tell you accurately. The only real way to find out is to just try it.
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    The good thing about that kind of project is that it is focused on a specific niche and full of text content. That works great with Adsense, especially if the content is unique and originally written, not copied. If you have a big visitors base then it should generate you a good amount of revenue, but that's IF most of them don't use ad blockers.
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    It depends on your traffic from which countries, how CTR on your site. Really hard to answer.
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    What should be the Minimum regular traffic and also what are the onpage Recommendations needed to get adsense approved.
    I am looking for adsense approval for my site ,help me out with some suggestions.
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    What's your geo-target traffic?
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    You can go to google keyword tool , it will give how much you can earn for particular niches... If the ad on your site is convrting well for visitors you can expect google to pay you more...
    One should bear in mind that , google owes it business to advertisers, so if the traffic is converting for them, you can expect them to pay you accordingly.
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