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I want to get some HTML5 Video Ads going ASAP. I have an Adwords account and have spent about 3k thus far. (I can apply for HTML5. After 10k I won't need to even apply.)

I've seen different sizes across the internet. AdWords has one size that they seem to be pushing: "970x90...This ad format expands to 970x415....This size is ideal to showcase High-Definition content such as videos, photos, animations, and applications."

Some questions:

1) I have my own CDN setup to serve videos. Is that how the video gets served in the ads? Or do you have to upload the videos to AdWords? Or do you have to upload them to YouTube?

2) Is there a maximum length the videos can be?

3) My developer and I could create the ads. But as I'll want a designer to work on it also. So, how would I go about finding a designer who knows what he's doing with these things? Or should I just talk my After Effects guy into doing it? Does anybody know of any one stop shop for these things?

4) The niche is foreign language education. Is there another ad network besides Adwords that would be good for getting these video ads in front of the the right audiences?

Thanks in advance
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    Look up Gideon Shalwick and Veeroll.

    Look up Tom Breeze

    Watch how they do it.

    There are a few others that can help but that should get you started.

    best regards,

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    I don't see them discussing technical questions which are what I mostly have.


    1) Who serves the ads? Where does the bandwidth come from?

    4) Alternatives to AdWords? If you want to do display advertising that targets teachers and students without remarketing how many choices does one have? How many adnetworks are there to choose from? We have AdWords. Who else is there?

    5) How many websites in the AdWords Display Network allow video ads? 50% I don't see them on most properties. Is that because of the publisher or the advertiser not being willing?

    6) How does the cost work compared to a banner? In a static banner ad you get charged for an impression or a click (through to the website). But for an expandable video ad you have the impression, an expansion click event, a video watching, then a click through to the website. Does AdWords charge more for these extra events? Or is watching the video just part of the impression? (I HOPE!)
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