Is it better to run Google ads globally or just in the US? Thoughts?

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Hey there peeps,

Just wondering if you had any thoughts on whether it's better to run an ad in just the U.S. or if you think the results would be better if you advertised to the whole world?

I ran an ad for a music album I made myself...

Globally I got a lot of skips and partial plays. In the just the U.S. and Canada it was mostly the same but I did manage to get 1 complete play.

Maybe I would have gotten the complete play if I had kept the global ad running, either way the results were about the same.

My psychology tells me that because I've only ever traveled outside of the U.S. to Canada, and Canada was before I hit puberty, that perhaps my audience would be found at home. But I don't know. Just because I've never been to India, does that mean that Indian people wouldn't like me? Would sales be easier for me in the U.S. because I'm from the U.S.?

I'd love your opinion...

P.S. Really, my music sucked, so I'm thinking of creating a different product, or trying affiliate marketing again. Either way, I'd love to get some input.


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    I ran an ad for a music album I made myself...
    Really, my music sucked
    Could there be a 'connection' there?

    You will go farther by creating a business and selling a product that people USE or WANT and are LOOKING FOR - than trying to push something YOU want to sell to promote yourself.

    You do need a plan - but the plan needs to make sense, too. There are some excellent musicians giving away their performances on Youtube, etc...and you are trying to sell music that YOU say is not very good.
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    Hi there,
    actually, google ads depend on our product firstly we need to know which product has demand on the market it's important to know before publishing your ads.
    when we find our trending product then we need to focus on our location.
    i think everyone knows that location is the most important for google ads I'll recommend that when you publish ads try to publish your ads on one location so many time I see that there publish ads on multiple locations but he doesn't get a better result because when you do multiple locations your ads publish multiple areas it's little tricky for google that's why there doesn't get her actual reach and sells so I'll recommend you publish your ads on a single location.
    it's my personal opinion
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    It.all depends on your target audience and if you don't know who that is I would advise you to test on instagram tik tok or even launch a facebook fan page as well and use the data as a launch pad to determine who your audience is .

    If you try marketing to everybody you are really marketing to nobody .
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    I've been making some developments with my internet marketing.

    From watching Dave Mac's video on selling Clickbank products with Google PPC, (Dave Mac by the way I found on Warrior Forum), he said he only markets to the U.S. to start.

    This confirmed my suspicion that the U.S. is the place to market.

    Mac said that if the product sells, then you can expand the ad and try to get some cheaper traffic, but for starters you should always be marketing to the U.S.

    Just a little research I did on my own.

    On another note, I don't think my music is really that bad... I could just really use some studio time...

    I'll be posting here again.

    Thank you for the replies!
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  • Hi Jesse,

    Do you know if this music appeals to a younger audience more? Do you know if women might like it more than men? Are you tracking your key demographic? I think you should treat your music like any other product and perform Market Research. Test to find out if your music sells - if it does- find out who enjoys it more, then run ads to the targetted audience to get better returns.

    The United States has a diverse population of ethnicity - so testing in "USA" doesn't mean much because for all you know an Indian living in the US might have given your music a complete play.
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    For Clickbank sales I normally target for basically any product - USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and the UK

    Anything that sells well in the US will typically do well in these other countries.
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    I guess the best way for you to get a proper answer here is to do some testing and make one campaign that will run only in the United States, and another one in which you will target other countries as well, and you can start with some that you think could be suitable fit for your music. It definitely doesn't mean you wouldn't have maybe even better conversions on some other parts of the world, since music really isn't something that is local and only fiiting for one specific location. But this also depends on your goals, do you want to promote your music and later make some live events, or you just want for your music to get more listeners, as for that worldwide advertising would be a much better solution.
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