Which are the best and fastest cpa networks to sign up for.

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I know there are tonnes of cpa networks out there,but which are really quality and not difficult to get accepted into.

Thank you for your advice.
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    I had no problem getting into Neverblue (top notch), Hydra network, and affiliate.com. Be prepared for a phone call and be honest with them. Don't fluff up your business. If they accept you, they will also help you with tips and other things to help you with your campaigns.
    Trust God and God Bless You All
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      If I'm not mistaken Neverblue requires you to have a web site?

      Originally Posted by JohnPark View Post

      I had no problem getting into Neverblue (top notch), Hydra network, and affiliate.com. Be prepared for a phone call and be honest with them. Don't fluff up your business. If they accept you, they will also help you with tips and other things to help you with your campaigns.
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    Is that company receive international members?
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    a few of the fastest have to be Blue Phoenix & vCommission
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    Affiliate.com, for me, no doubt. I love this network.

    try it out...
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    I have read of several reports where people said that vCommission shaved leads horrendously. This is not verified though.
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    neverblue are just the same as any other cpa network,and they will ask you the same questions and call you on the phone to verify that you are a legitimate person/marketer. so if you have no experience with cpa networks then make sure that you have pre-prepared all your answers to thier questions....such as how long you have been doing internet marketing..what promotions you have done already...how you are going to go about promoting the various offers that they will provide for you. try to create a friendship with your account manager as he/she will be a source of income for you for years to come ! hope this helps minted1
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    Most of the CPA Networks have the same application process - they even use the same application forms!

    Here's a few tips to help you...
    1. You will need to have your own website, preferably self-hosted (Hostgator or something like)
    2. Use an email address that matches your website Domain - don't use Gmail/Hotmail type address as this looks unprofessional.
    3. Make sure you are near a telephone when you apply as some networks will use phone verification whilst you are completing the online application.
    4. Be prepared for the phone call!
    5. Some of the questions you will be asked are as follows:
    • How long have you been involved in IM?
    • Can you tell me about some of your recent successful campaigns?
    • How much money do you make from IM activities?
    • What niches are you currently promoting?
    Not all networks will call you, however they will all vet your identity due to fraud issues etc.

    Basically, in my experience, you will get accepted by most networks if you portray some form of basic professionalism and not appear to be a complete newby!

    Some networks will accept you immediately, however most of the good ones will follow the above process.

    Hope this helps!
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    I'm with maxbounty(They have remade their website, and are getting better and better, with great support), fluxads, and azoogleads (I think? Don't use it much anyways)

    My tip would be to call THEM. Nothing says you're serious more than that.
    If you don't have a website, you should either get one, or tell them you're going to do mostly PPC, or say you're decent at SEO, and plan to set up free blogs at blogger,wordpress, squidoo etc. to get traffic.

    You can really say whatever you like, as long as you're honest. Don't say you're a ppc expert if you're not. Tell them you're experimenting with ppc, and that you've heard they are very helpful and have good rates.

    But as long as you call them first, it'll make a great first impression. That means you're enthusiastic and serious.

    Good luck!
    - Preben

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    Peerfly is a decent network. They DO NOT use Directrack, which I like.

    I'm an online marketer and mortgage loan officer.

    Connect with me at www.Scarpero.com

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    Markethealth.com is the first CPA network I signed up for (back in my raw newbie days too - no phone call required), they have some really good health-related offers. Clickbooth approved me without a hitch, too, others rant and rave about them but personally I think their offers are too limited.

    The guys at Copeac are really nice, even joked around a bit with my AM GREAT offers selection.

    And then, well............ if you decide to go this route, most adult CPA networks are instant-approval.

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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      Here's a list someone sent me about a year ago

      Primarily CPM Based Ad Networks

      * 121Media
      * 24/7 RealMedia
      * Accelerator-Media
      * Ad Solutions Network
      * Ad World Network
      * AdAgency1
      * AdBonus
      * AdDynamix / Pennyweb Networks
      * AdOrigin
      * AdPepper
      * AdSmart
      * Adtegrity
      * AdZuba
      * Ampira Media
      * Bannerconnect
      * BannerSpace
      * BlueLithium
      * BURST! Media
      * Casale Media
      * Claxon Media
      * Click Agents
      * CPX Interactive (Formerly Buds Media)
      * EuroClick
      * Experclick
      * FastClick/ValueClick
      * Federated Media
      * Gold Group
      * Gorilla Nation Media
      * Hurricane Digital Media
      * Impression|Up
      * InterClick
      * Interevco (Interactive Revenue Company Ltd.)
      * Joetec
      * Mamma Media / FocusIn
      * MaxOnline
      * Oridian
      * Premium Network
      * Quake Marketing
      * Quin Street
      * RealCastMedia
      * RealTechNetwork
      * Revenue.net
      * Right Media
      * Rydium
      * The Robert Sherman Company
      * TMP
      * Tribal Fusion
      * Valuead.com
      * Yes Advertising
      * HyperBidder

      Primarily CPA/CPL Ad Networks

      * Advertising.com
      * Amazon.com
      * Axill
      * Azoogle Ads
      * ClickBank
      * ClickBooth
      * ClickXChange
      * Commission Junction / BeFree
      * CoverClicks
      * DarkBlue
      * DrivePM
      * emarketmakers
      * Linkshare
      * Maxbounty
      * Meta Reward
      * ProfitCenter
      * Revenue.Net
      * ShareASale
      * Strategic Affiliates
      * WebSponsors

      Primarily CPC AND/OR Text Based/Contextual Ad Networks

      * Google AdSense
      * Yahoo! Publisher Network
      * AdForce
      * AdHearUs
      * AdKnowledge
      * AdSonar
      * Affiliate Sensor
      * All Clicks
      * AllFeeds
      * BannerBoxes
      * BClick
      * BidClix
      * Bidvertiser
      * CBprosense
      * Clicksor
      * ExpoActive
      * IndustryBrains
      * Mirago
      * Miva
      * Nixxie
      * One Monkey
      * Oxado
      * TargetPoint
      * Textads Dot Biz
      * TextWise
      * Text Link Ads
      * Vibrant Media
      * WebAdvertising.ca
      * AdBright

      Shopping/Comparison Networks

      * TTZ Media
      * PriceGrabber
      * Chitika
      * Shopping.com
      * CNet Shopper

      "Non-Standard" Ad Networks (PopUps, Expandables, Pay Per Post, etc.)

      * 7AdPower
      * Opt-Media
      * PayPopUp
      * PointRoll
      * PopUpTraffic
      * Tremor Network
      * WhenU
      * PayPerPost
      * ReviewMe
      * CreamAid

      Specific Demographic Ad Networks

      * Absolute Agency
      * AVN Ads (*****WARNING: ADULT NETWORK*****)
      * BlogAds
      * CrispAds Blog Advertising Network
      * HerAgency
      * HispanoClick
      * Pheedo RSS & Weblog Marketing Solutions
      * Qumana Adgenta Blog Ads
      * WayPointCash (*****WARNING: ADULT NETWORK*****)

      NON-US Primarily CPM Based Ad Networks

      * ClickHype
      * DMO Global

      NON-US Primarily CPC AND/OR Text Based/Contextual Ad Networks

      * Response Republic
      * PeakClick

      NON-US Primarily CPA/CPL Ad Networks

      * TradeDoubler
      * Commission Monster
      * Affiliate Future
      * AdLink
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    Affiliate.com is best for advertising program for your site. there are many more with good ppc. You can do lots of research.
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    There are several quality ones.

    I belong to Market Leverage, MaxBounty, ClickBooth, Commission Junction, Copeac and CPA Lead.

    Recommend that you throw up a small basic blog and fill with Internet Marketing advice. If they do check you out they'll see that your in the industry. But answer with honesty.
    Cut The Crap & Give Me The Goods...!
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    I got in directly without a phone call with adcommunal, adcanadien comission junction and linkshare. i also got into maxbounty, azoogle, LFM, Triad Media. I got into CPA Bllet by purchasing a course.
    Attn. Internet Marketers - Get all the information you need to make money online at www.warinternetmarketing.info
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    google adsquare. I was turned down by 5 networks but they excepted me immediatly and they are legit.

    Augie Johnston
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