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by Wham
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I haven't been using CJ for very long, but in the past few days I've made about 60 bucks, it shows my account balance at that, but when I view the reports it shows it's still pending, I assume it's normal but I'm just wondering if there's an average amount of time it takes for it to go through? Or is it just up to the company I'm promoting, but they don't give much info on their affiliate program.

Another question, do you HAVE to promote these links on your website? If you promote them on CL or other places will they not allow it? Basically all my leads came from websites like this so I'm afraid that I'm gonna spend all this time promoting them and then have them make an excuse that I wasn't promoting them on my website and have the leads get rejected. I mean a lead is a lead right? I'm not spamming or anything so I see no reason to get rejected. Just wondering.
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    Hi, Check your settings as to the minimum amount that you have selected for payment. If you have selected $100, then they would wait till your account reaches $100 and then make the payment. It is CJ which makes the payment and not the advertisers.

    BTW, you have indicated that you promote on CL, what is that?

    Hope this helps you out.
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      CL is craigs list

      im not sure if you got what i mean though

      So near the top of CJ when you're signed in it shows your account balance, it's showing mine correctly, $105 at the time im writing this, when I click "run reports" it shows "pending commissions" and "current balance" the $105 I made is shown as a pending commission, while the current balance remains $0.00

      or is it like you said, pending just means I haven't met the minimum yet and until I do it will show as pending?
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        It's completely normal, it takes time for them to confirm the commission. You can't get around the delay
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          Yes CJ is a solid payer, but sometimes it takes a while. I used to do a lot of adwords and I did get my funds before my credit card was due. Not sure about the CL questions, but you had better make sure you read TOS for both CJ and the advertiser. You have to apply to promote a campaign so it should not be a problem, unless you lied. In my experience there are not a lot of eyeballs at CJ to look over campaigns like a typical CPA network.
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            im promoting a new advertiser and they basically have no cans and cant do's about their affiliate program, it was instant approval as well so they must not give a damn at how you do it. ill check cj tos

            thanks for the replys
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    from what ive read CJ doesnt allow craigslist, but if i use my website link in craigslist then do a redirect would that still be allowed?
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    No, craigslist traffic is craigslist traffic. Just keep your trap shut
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      well i ment direct linking from craigslist, you can have your website link and then put the affiliate link on that but damn i really suck with websites.

      ahaha you think they wont notice? I really don't want to get my account shut down but seeing the money come in so easily is making it hard to not want to do it. It's a nice change from making nothing a day to this.
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    I'm not saying stop doing it, I am saying don't talk about it, or ask your AM if it's aloud. Because it's not.

    Cover your tracks. cloak your links. If asked, you pay for traffic. simple.
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      Originally Posted by Versus View Post

      I'm not saying stop doing it, I am saying don't talk about it, or ask your AM if it's aloud. Because it's not.

      Cover your tracks. cloak your links. If asked, you pay for traffic. simple.

      how would one go about making a link untrackable? Sure I cloak it in the posts to where it just shows a clickable word, but I assume if they were to actually track the link it would show it came from CL.

      Only thing I can think of is tinyurl but I'm not sure if that would do the trick, or if it would even be good to use for affiliate links.
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    Till the commissions are locked in, they will be pending. For the locking in, each advertiser has his own policy.
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    I think the delay is because of your commercial company policy....
    and about craigslist just be careful of what you do.
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    I believe CJ approves everyone abecbie

    Yeah I don't know I think the advertiser is scrubbing a lot of leads. I find it odd I made like $100 the first 24 hours, then now I'm putting more work into it, getting way more clicks, and I've only been making like $12 or less a day.

    I know sometimes they scrub because bad traffic and what not, but it's no way bad traffic just because it's coming from craig's list, no one would sign up for it without the intention of using it. Oh well

    besides that none of the money has actually gone through, still pending. I noticed in the advertiser description area it says "actions locked on the 10th of the month" what exactly does that mean?
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