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I have a very targeted website that is getting decent organic traffic. I was looking for a specific category of offer that Copeac introduced last week. So I applied with them online and gave them a link to my website.

I was approved same day by email without talking to an account manager.

I was called by my new account manager today just to "touch base".

I explained I am new at this with only 1 month experience. He asked if I was doing media buys as thats where the action is.

Then the whole thing came off the hook.

He said if I could start showing a lot of traffic, Copeac would do landing pages for me free of charge. He went into the new compliance laws and how Copeac would help and protect me. He made mention of a few hot products that I "should" be looking into.

Man, this account rep was fantastic. I don't know if you all have had similar experiences with Copeac but lets just say, I am impressed.
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    Sounds like you've got a good one. I do agree with the media buys comment too.

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    I also had a similar experience with Copeac than what Davethailand is reporting. I got approved a couple of days ago, then one lady form there called me to ask me a couple of questions, then she said my account manager would call me shortly after to touch base with me. So she called me and gave me some good tips, most than from any other networks so far. I remember seeing somewhere on their site that they would help with landing page creationg. So that's great to know.

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    Yeah, copeac AMs are very helpful and are always there when you need them. Sometimes all their emails could get a little annoying but oh well, it's part of the business lol.
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      That's good, solid stuff. If you're doing the work behind the scenes to rank the website, it's a great feeling to know you won't be up a creek without a paddle when it comes to the aesthetics and marketing aspect.
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        yeah a couple of ppl i know got accepted recently without a phone call. so for n00bs, now is the time to apply it seems.
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      My experience with Copeac has been the same, very willing to help out in any way they can. I've had similar experiences with Hydra as well.
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    I just applied to few networks on Friday, including Copeac. It's great to read all these comments!

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