Been Gone For A while, Here What Is Working For Me Now..

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Hello guyz,

I just popped into the forum today after been out for a while.
So I have decided to share some of the stuff that is working for me now.

For the past year, I have been offering Seo service to online and offline clients, helping them get top spot on Google. Recently, i decided to focus on my own sites as well and make some money from affiliate marketing.

So I started some sites on CPA offers and wrote articles and I did some Seo on them. I launched 6 sites at the same time and after 3-4 weeks, the sites and article are now on first page of Google. one of the sites got PR3 in 2 and a half weeks. First time i got that kind of PR in a short time though. The PR3 is making about $8 a day from Adsense (High PR sites pays well for clicks) and I`m getting some affiliate sales from others.

Here are some tips:

* I used a wordpress self hosted platform for 3 of the 6 sites.
* The other 3 were Goarticles-Goarticle rank extremely well on Google!
*Profile backlinks are powerful!

Here are the steps I took:
First, I got a domain name and included the keyword in it. For the articles, I wrote 500 words article and I submitted them to Goarticles.

Include the keyword in the Goarticle title, include the keyword in the first 10 words. Within the article, BOLD some of the keywords.
A good Seo start on-site..

For the website, use Wordpress( Hosted), install all-in-one Seo pluggin, configure the all-in-one seo pluggin, main keyword on the title, use the keyword in the discription. Now for the home keywords, include the main keyword and two others, don`t fill it with too many keywords, if you do you are killing your main keyword.

On the site, anchor one or two of the main keyword to the actual site url(Very Important) BOld few of your main keyword, have links on your homepage pointing to your inner pages.

Now the most important, 90% of your Seo success depends on external sites linking to your site. So if you are going to get that top spot on Google, you need HIGH PR sites linking to your site. You can find these sites all around here in the forum or with a simple Google search.

My favourite kind of backlinks is the profile ones. Go to sites with High PR and use html or BB code to format your anchored links. Always ping them at the end to get them indexed fast.

Its not really hard to get first page. If you pick your keyword right, get the On-page seo right, and get few backlinks a day to your site or article, you will get that top ranking in no time.

I hope you enjoyed my little free report. feel free to leave your questions and i will do my best to answer.
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    Nice buddy! Do you think yoru adsense is distracting from your CPA. Depending on the web site niche, CPA is probably a bigger money maker than adsense. Maybe something to test out.

    Thanks for the SEO tips as well!
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    I was testing a Cpa offer on the page but it didn`t convert so I just converted the site to adsense. $8 a day is kind of cool though because I don`t touch the site. I`m thinking of flipping the site. It gets 100-250 UV a day, PR3 so i guess there should be a demand for it. Thanks for the comment.
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