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I would like to build a website and it use it in CPA. The questions is, how do you know what subject matter to build a site around? The CPA offers seem to come and go so how can you build a site that is relevant to the many different CPA offers? Thank you in advance...
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    Are you looking to use a content blocker gateway, iframe an offer, or just links to random CPA offers directly.
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      I guess that's the issue, I don't know where to start. I am wanting to start with CPA offers but am not sure how to promote them with my own website.
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    You could use a generic name for a website, such as myreviews.com, myoffers.com, etc. and have landing pages for the different categories of offers you promote.
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    For the most part, CPA offers stick within general niches or verticals, so you may want to build your site around the vertical, not necessarily the offer. For example, there will always be a weight loss CPA offer. Fad diets come and go, so you can just stick whatever fad diet is in at the moment onto your site. When the next diet rolls around, just plug in that offer.

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      Thanks for the replies. Also, Kenster, thanks for the WSO. I purchased and read it twice yesterday! I thought about building a website that has several pages, each of which with different topics. For example, one related to technology news and products(I am a systems analyst in my day job), another for gadgets, another for dieting, another for whatever and plugging the offers in to each of the pages where they would be relevant. Is this a good approach or is it too broad? Thanks again for all of the help...
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    Hey Davey T, I'm new to CPA too, but your idea about splitting your site in different topics is not so good... Be as close to one topic as possible and build your site around your theme. It's better in any way, for SEO causes and for your visitors. If you want to do another site, you can start with a new domain.

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