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by lacruz
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when i wanna set up a landingpage for an cpa offer (promoted via ppv), should the landingpage look like the offer-landingpage or just should get someone`s attention?

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    You want to accomplish both really.

    Consider the thought process of someone viewing the ad. If they see the ad and then click through to the offer, if the offer doesn't mesh with what the ad was all about, they're just going to leave.

    The best landing pages are the ones that are created from the ads that they initially clicked on. This includes images (the hero shot) and the headings. Make sure that both are the same on both the ads as well as the landing page for optimal results imho.

    Iterate off your winning ads, and test test test. Test and optimize for higher click through rates and conversion rates.

    Take note of which ads provide you with the highest conversion rates. You might be surprised to find out that an ad that has a worse click through rate ends up with having a higher conversion rate. When this happens you know you just need to optimize the ad that converts better to have a higher click through rate to increase your bottom line.
    My thoughts on Lateral Marketing Stategies.
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      thanks, this helped me a lot...

      can i test 4 or 5 different landingpages in a split test? which software or script do you use for a splittest?

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    can you give some free landing page template about auto insurance?
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    Split test everything

    Good Luck,

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      Definitely split test everything. CPVLab is great for this (you can win a free copy over at )

      As for landing pages, think outside the box too sometimes. People have VERY limited attention spans on CPV so you have to grab their attention right away.
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    Just try to create eye catching flashy lp which is quite targeted.. Don't forget to use ip tracking script which show up user location based on there ip, this can really work sometimes..
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    Overall our most successful CPV landers don't look like the presell lander or offer they get directed to, but rather focus on getting the clickthrough.

    I look at them as nothing more than large banner ads. Usually a large image, some short call to action copy like you'd see in any CPC ad, and then the actual call to action (submit button)

    So for example:

    TODAY ONLY: iPads $27.80

    Large image of a smiling consumer holding an ipad

    Split test the copy, Home | Adbeat is great for grabbing winning CPA copy.

    Split test the images, men, women, one large image, multiple images of people holding the ipads in this example.

    Test auto play audio for additional attention getting. Use for some fantastic quality voiceover work.

    Download gamevance so you can see/steal other images and copy marketers are using.

    See thousands of dollars in live affiliate marketing media buys each month $1 30 day trial:

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