Can you guys please review my website?

by aprilm
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Hi. I don't know if there is an actual section on this forum for website reviews, if there is, and this is the wrong place for this question, my apologies. I am new to CPA, for the last year I have been researching online money making opportunities, and have been having a bit of success taking paid surveys. leau of that success, I came across a few CPA offers that I felt comfortable promoting. Problem is.....I have zero sales/preselling ability in me and have no idea what kind of layout or website structure is proven to work. I know it's a bit risky putting your site out there, but honestly, I don't think anyone who has any brains will want to copy me because I haven't made one single lead. That being said, if anyone would like to critique (gently please...LOL) my site and pleeeeaaase tell me what kind of things they would want to see if they were truly searching for paid survey opps and what kinds of things on the site are not good, I would be so appreciative. The site is not finished yet, I am kind of paralyzed by beginner fear....I don't want to put all this work into something if I am going about it the wrong way.
Thanks guys. Keep in mind, I have NEVER built a site or promoted anything before, thanks!
Here's the site ( url deleted..thank you, I got all the critiques I needed! :-))
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    Hi There April,

    Feel compelled to give you my initial thoughts since I believe you got R2R!

    First of all, if this is your first attempt at building a site, I think its an outstanding one. The first things I put up online were complete garbage compared to this. I'm still not terribly great at it which is why I outsource haha

    So yes, GREAT start

    What I would look at doing...

    Maybe ease up on the distractions of the site. Banner ads can be good, but remember your number 1 focus is on getting people to sign up for the survey program, and you dont really want to distract them from that. That is the money maker on the site, not the banners. Banners can be good for making a site seem more legit but you need to be careful about using too many, especially animated banners.

    Second tip would be to try emphasizing your top choices. I like how you have a screenshot of each site, but make each one of your top choices stand out more, maybe highlight the box, use brighter colors, etc. This is the heart of your site and you want people to know this is where they should be looking. So emphasize these choices more. Right now they sort of blend together.

    Within each of the boxes or table that lists each choice, have the headline stand out and the call to action stand out. Check out Cool Text: Choose a Button Design (not an aff link, but really cool and FREE) for some good call to action customizable buttons you can use.

    Also, maybe put it as a list. Have April's picks and then put #1, #2, #3.

    Also, once you start getting traffic, try testing the number of choices you have. Sometimes people become distracted after they see 3 choices, so its worth testing out once traffic increases.

    Overall, a great effort! As always, if you have any questions about my above ramble, pm or email me! And of course, testing is the only way to know what works and doesn't!

    Nice Job April!

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    Nice webby April! I can't believe its your first time doing it.

    I agree with Ken that you can limit the number of choices as people tend to compare and then something distracts them and everything is wasted. You can put a recommended one so they will be led on and on, like into a funnel.

    On your main banner... you should capitalize your "paid surveys" to keep it in line with the rest. Does "Reviews" sound better than "Critic"? Critic sounds more negative... while Reviews sound more well-balanced.

    Just one more: for your article "Legitimate Paid Online Surveys Or Paid Surveys Scam?", you can space out the pointers as everything is crammed together in one chunk of words and people may find it tough to read. Totally aesthetic but I think it might help one in reading it through to the end.
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      Wow guys. Thanks that is really good advice. I was hesitant about putting my site up for review, but I am really glad I did. I totally agree with not giving the visitor too many choices. I would have never thought of that on my own. And yes making 'April's' top picks stand out more is a great suggestion. (now I just have to figure out how to do that...haha!)

      As for the word 'critic'...unfortunately it's in my domain name. Now I sit at #10 on the first page, so I don't really want to change the domain, but do you think I should take the word 'critic' off the actual header and change that to review? Think that would look odd that my domain says 'critic' but the site says 'review'?

      I also thought it might be a bad idea to use the flashy banners, it stinks though because those and some text ads are the only creatives these survey companies offer. I will take them off though, my husband said the same thing about them...too flashy, too salesy and distracting, and I really don't want my site to look salesy. I want it to look honest and trustworthy, that's why I stuck my mug on the left side bar....

      Hey Kenster, what does R2R mean? (it's probably most obvious....)

      Thanks again guys. I feel like I have a good solid starting point on where to take the blueprint of this site.

      I also like the whole 'funneling' concept as well...will try to incorporate that too.
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        Originally Posted by aprilm View Post

        Hey Kenster, what does R2R mean? (it's probably most obvious....)
        LOL never mind. Rags to Riches....yep it was most obvious. Yes, by the way, I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed R2R. Lots of great information that has helped me continue to move ahead in CPA marketing. Thank you for writing it. It is VERY well put together and very newbie friendly.
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          Originally Posted by aprilm View Post

          LOL never mind. Rags to Riches....yep it was most obvious. Yes, by the way, I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed R2R. Lots of great information that has helped me continue to move ahead in CPA marketing. Thank you for writing it. It is VERY well put together and very newbie friendly.

          Hi April,


          You have absolutely the right mindset in terms of making the site seem more "real" and less of a sales pitch. Putting your mug up there is a good way to do it and that is the precise reason the blog sales page has converted so well for all different types of offers.

          As for making the choices stand out more, I would suggest taking 20 minutes to do some searches for some of the big trial CPA offers on Google. Colon cleanse etc. Try and find review sites and see how they emphasize the choices and design their layouts. Chances are the people in the top positions (assuming they have been there for a while) have optimized their pages and the review sites you are seeing convert decently. Use the same ideas of their pages to implement into yours.

          Glad to see much progress and first page ranking! Knock it up to first few organic positions and that should be a good boost of free traffic!

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    Looks great april. Nice layout, not too cluttered.

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    This is actually really good. Very authentic in appearance which is good. I'd play around with some other color schemes, colors mean a LOT when it comes to conversions. But you have a good start for sure.
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    And share your revisions and we can all help you through the optimization process.

    When you get a good landing page design then replicate on other domains and in other niches!!!
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    Wow thats awesome for your first site!

    My initial thoughts are that as Kenster said, too many banners and too much distraction. Cut down on them and it will be aload better

    I see Pride. I see Power. I see a Bad ass mudda who wont take no crap off of nobody!

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    Really nice.
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      I like looking at first sites.... most of them are horrible (in aspect of design) but you did a good job. its not over fancy... and it doesn't look really dated. I think its a nice sleek theme....

      but then again i like simple and sleek.

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    April - Just a little too much blue IMO. Try mixing in some earth tones (brown, tan) to even it out.
    Very nice for a first effort. Websites are always a work in progress.
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    I like your site. I might use it as inspiration for one of mine once I have the time to work on CPA stuff. I would say that based on what I have read/seen that you are off to a good start though!
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    Thats really cool design and color mixing. If this is your first attempt then I will say that its awesome.
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