tracking202 vs. Google Analytics For Tracking Conversions At the KEYWORD Level?

by mpbiz
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whatup guys, so basically today i was messing around with tracking 202 and learning about subids so you can track at the keyword level like any good marketer should, and so I went to my affiliate manager and was talking to her about it, and she informed me that you can actually track your conversions at the keyword level with simple google analytics. So, now I am thinking to myself, why is everyone using Tracking202 when they could just be using Google Analytics? I feel like i must be missing something here..... Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you!!!
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    There are several reasons why you still want to run T202 (along with GA):

    1. Ability to track Direct linking (although you could arguably do a redirect)
    2. ROI - In order to track ROI, you need to cost side of the equation. You can setup Goals in Google Analytics and track revenue, but it's not easy to associate cost per campaign/keyword. The analysis in t202 gives you ROI per keyword/url so you can weed out the losers.
    3. Real Time - When you do volume and are sending a lot of (paid) traffic, you want to see what's working quickly. GA has a several hour delay

    Google Analytics is powerful, and you can track A LOT more than most people realize when you use UTM tagging and the custom URL builder. I still prefer to use a combination of T202 and GA
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    Thanks for the insight Jeff. Helpful info.
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