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Hey all,
I have been on these forums for a while reading and learning. I pretty much have the basics down for PPC but what I am really confused about is the landing pages. What do I put on a landing page? How do I make it? Can I use 100% I-framing with google PPC? Does anyone have a landing page they can show as an example?

As you can see, I need some help with this lol. Once I understand this, then I can move on and actually starting testing some things out

Thanks Everyone!
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    Any Help Please?
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    Hey buddy,

    Landing page is meant to increase conversions once a user clicks through to the offer. It will normally talk about how great netflix is and then give you a convenient link to your netflix CPA offer!! or something along those lines.

    As for making it, you can do easily with content management platforms like wordpress which are extremely newbie friendly. Or do it with striaght HTML using a template. You can use Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expressions Web has a free trial for 60 days I think. Then just find a template and customize it to your offer.

    iframing and direct linking are very hard to do with search engines now for various reasons, so you will want to build a landing page.

    As for example, do a search for any cpa offer keywords on Google, copy the URL of the ads that look like they may be CPA offer realted, and paste into a new browser. BAM, this is a landing page somebody else is using!

    So, just take action and plunge into the unknown of creating a landing page. You will stink at first just like everybody else but you have to stink before you get good. So just start stinking!!

    Best, Ken
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    There are many types of landing pages. It's not possible to say which one you should use because it depends on your offer and traffic source. However, if you are intending to promote something on search engines, I would recommend you to choose an offer with a good payout (at least $20) and then create a preselling or review landing page.

    You have a presell page when you talk about your (or sombody else's) personal expirience with that product. You tell people that you used to have the same problem they are facing now, and then you show them how that product solved your problem effectively.

    You have a review page when you analyze the pros and cons of product, say why that product is effective and actually brings results. You can talk about some technical aspects too, but most of the times you don't describe your personal experience. People frequently use review pages to compare more than one product.

    The only problem is that Google doesn't like free trials, and if you create a landing page linking directly to a free trial offer chances are that you will get slapped. In this case, a good alternative is to create an opt-in form. So when people visit your landing page you try to convince them to subscribe for your list and start receiving information from you. Then you can promote a free trial with an autoresponder or even expose them directly to a review/preselling page after they opt-in. Using this kind of landing page may decrease your conversion rate a bit, but it will allow you to build a list of customers that will become a steady stream of income as soon as you get a good number of subscribers.

    Anyway, the main purpose of a landing page is to presell your product. Instead of sending people directly to the offer's page you can tell them why they should buy that product, what benefits your offer can bring to them. Then, when they go to the product's page they are more likely to buy it.

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    Honestly, for starters - read, read, read - take in as much information as possible, then once you get the general idea start! don't delay just start testing
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    Great Advice Everyone. Thank you!

    I also bought the rags to riches guide Kenster, great info in their also!
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      You have to include the basic information in that landing page and involve your personal experience as well as other members said, the landing page should not look like a scam, get some comments on the landing page , you can hire people to comment on your blog posts and write good things about the product involved( cpa offer or product you want to sell)

      I am also new to this, i am also testing many landing pages for each offer i promote, i usually promote $20-$50 offers with a landing page.
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      Originally Posted by kstevenmoney View Post

      Great Advice Everyone. Thank you!

      I also bought the rags to riches guide Kenster, great info in their also!

      Thanks Mate!!!

      But remember, info doesnt make money. Taking action on info does!
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    more risk normally equals more reward, but this assumes you have pertinent knowledge of your investment

    going into ppc blind is crazy risky but doesnt relate directly to crazy reward. As honestbizpro stated, do your homework, learn the foundation of cpa marketing first, and then look to get into paid traffic. That is my advcie anyhow, for the little its probably worth!
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    Thanks guys! I am doing as much reading as I possibly can
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    Is there a way I can look on google at other landing pages related to an offer I would like to do? Of course, I would copy the url and paste it so I don't cost anyone money
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    Yes, just do a search for related keywords. So if you want to do research on a colon cleanse offer, type in "colon cleanse trial" "free colon cleanse" "colon cleanser" etc.

    If you see an offer fora very generic keyword like "colon cleanse" in good ad position and good history, this is probably a good landing page that has been optimized and undergone lots of testing dollars!
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    Thanks Kenster,

    I found this website:
    hypergainonline (dot) com

    Its a muscle building offer, and I am interested in starting with a similar product. But now, this is just a one page landing page and I thought something like this would get slapped by google? If not, then why not? What does google slap?

    Also, where do I find all that information for the product. Can you use the information on the actual website of the offer?
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      Hey kstevenmoney,

      A great technique that I use for my landing pages is to give away a free report or process. This report will act as a step-by-step guide for whatever the person is trying to accomplish and within the report will be a link to your offer. For example, I am currently promoting a credit report offer and I created a wordpress blog that has my own, 100% original free report that visitors can download and read. This process shows them a way to repair there bad credit score and save money at the same time. All I do is add a few new articles to the blog every week and I get a ton of organic traffic. So not only am I guiding people to my offer, I am building a list at the same time. Took me some time to perfect this techinique, but it works like a charm when you get it down! Hope this helps!

      Best of Luck,

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    That sounds like an excellent way. I will definitely have to try that way out! Thank You very much
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    One page landers are tough to score a good quality score but if there is enough relevant content on the page it is possible to get away with it.

    The general rule is that if you are providing good quality content to the visitors, you should be good to go. There are exceptions obviously and there are ways to fake having quality content, but if you stick with the general rules, you should be okay.

    As for content on the landing page, yeah I would jsut go to the CPA offer and look at what it says. You want the transition from teh landing page to the offer page to be as smooth and seamless as possible so your landing page content will directly correlate with your offer page content!

    Hope that helps
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    Yes it does help kenster. Thank you! Do you have an instant message name or email I could contact you with because when I do get a landing page, I would like for you to take a look at it. Is that okay?
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      Originally Posted by kstevenmoney View Post

      Yes it does help kenster. Thank you! Do you have an instant message name or email I could contact you with because when I do get a landing page, I would like for you to take a look at it. Is that okay?

      You can use the contact form on EntrepreneurValley.Com for fastest response or just pm me!

      I would love to take a look at your landing page and hopfeully give you some good feedback!
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