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I recently started a wordpress blog about poker and I want to know what i can do to make money and make it better.

Right now i have about 100 random articles from poker strategy to poker news being written by freelancers which I paid about 300 bucks for.

I am part of pokeraffilateworld and other CPA Revenue share programs

What im asking is whats the best way to make money with this blog or is it not really possible?

What should i have my free lancer write about? etc really any tips

the website is Ring Of Poker
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    I am not very familiar with the poker and gambling world (in many ways, a whole world of its own) but you can certainly monetize it.

    The goal of the articles and content will be to rank and get traffic obvsiously, so do some keyword research and find some good target phrases. Then test out different montization strategies such as rev share, traditional affiliate poker products, and cpa of course.

    Check out offervault for offers and you shold find a bunch of options there.

    Traffic is the important part in any monetization strategy, so thats where the focus should be right now.

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    Thanks for the quick reply appreciate it. I really would like to make some money with it just don't know if it's possible,

    So the website looks fine then?

    If anyone has any tips or critiques let me know please
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    I'm not an expert in that niche, but in general the site looks pretty good.

    One thing I always like to do when I land on a site, is to just scroll down and see if anything jumps out at me...to see what catches my attention.

    The only thing wrong I see with your site is that nothing seemed to grab my attention in the first few moments I browsed the page which are the most important moments.

    Personally, I like to have my money-maker stand out. Maybe its a call to action, maybe its a stamp that says SALE or CHECK THIS OUT...something to grab people attention and make them aware of however you are monetizing. Content is good, but its the money-maker that makes you money.

    Just something to look into!

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    Thanks again...i guess i need to find out what my moneymaker is haha....once again thanks
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    Nice blog just increase the traffic and some fan following that will be enough for Rolling money in the account
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      Hey imback,

      I definitely agree that the site has a good look and feel to it. However, as far as how you can monetize, if I were you, I would just work on adding lots of good quality content to the site. Build a strong foundation and feel confident that your site is truly going to help people. Once you are confident, then you can go about driving tons of traffic to the site.

      And the best part about having a high quality site with tons of visitors?


      There are people/companies out there that will pay you TONS of cash, every single month to advertise on your site/blog. That's what a lot of people don't understand about the true value of a high quality blog. If you can get a bunch of people, all interested in a certain topic, to visit your site every day, you are going to attract potential advertisers.

      I have a few blogs right now that are starting to drive a lot of targeted visitors and I've already received a few emails from people asking what my prices are for advertising on my blog. Affiliates going directly to site owners for ad space is becoming HUGE. Media Buying has been and continues to be one of the best ways to make a TON of cash with affiliate/CPA marketing.

      People want targeted visitors to advertise to and they are looking for people just like me and you. Website owners who will do all the work of finding and gathering the potential customers, who will then be willing to allow them to place a banner ad right there on our homepage. It's just like watching the Food Network, what are all of the commercials about? FOOD! And who do these commercial owners pay to show their commercial on that channel? Food Network!

      It's something that a lot of people overlook when putting together a site/blog. Even if there isn't a CPA or affiliate offer to match your blog, you can still monetize a site. So keep that in mind. Just know that you have to get a large amount of traffic to your site, on a consistent basis, before this becomes an option though!

      I hope that helps though!

      Best of Luck,

      P.S - Another way to monetize your site is to get into "site flipping". Basically, you do all the work of putting the site together and getting the site ranked, and then you go to a site like "websitebroker.com" and see if you can attract a buyer! I know a lot of people who do this full-time and are making $400+ per site/blog they sell! So this is definitely a great way to monetize a site as well!
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    Awesome reply thank you so much... Guess I need to focus on SEO and article writing.... I'd really like to start making a little profit in a month or 2.....anyone think that's possible
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    CPABrainstormer brings up an amazing point about media buying. There is massive opportunity in this area to monetize your web space or to monetize others peoples web properties.

    You can find property pwners out there that have no idea their site can be making them money. Offer them a few bucks and you get tons of great banner space for very cheap. They are happy and you are happy.

    Alternatively, if you own the web space, you can approach others about advertising on your property or they will find you as the previous post illustrates. Or you can simply monetize the space yourself by throwing up yoru own affiliate offers!

    Good stuff CPAbrain and glad to have you back buddy!

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