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Hi there. I have been reading the forum on and off for awhile and just decided to register and take part since the time has come for me to take my internet marketing more seriously.

I have been writing content for other sites for awhile and I am BURNT OUT! I also need to make more than I am making doing that, which right now boils down to about $25 an hour.

The bottom line, I bought a course and some software that is supposed to help me build my income. I searched for reviews on one of their "tactics" and it brought me back here (which is where I probably should have started in the first place.)

Ok, long story short, the course recommends utilizing DirectCPV and other sources like Lead Impact, Traffic Vance, etc., to drive targeted traffic to your offers.

In reading some of the posts here, I find that many people do not get conversions this way. Before I sink a lot of of money into these types of campaigns, I wanted some professional opinions.

I am already a member of many affiliate networks that offer CPA and other offers. I have made some money with them. I just don't get the proper traffic (which is why I looked into the aforementioned course.)

Thank in advance for any advice you may be able to give.
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    Hi Struggling Newbie,

    Not sure what your question is here, are you trying to learn more about the traffic or do you have a specific question??

    Looking back, was your question how to do a search? There is a search function up top once you log into WF.

    As a side note, if you have a lot of experience with content production, you may want to start a few sites on the side...blog type sites to utilize your writing ability. They will be more long term strategies, but there are plenty of people making nice money by writing blog posts every few days. May be something worth a try as its pretty much free to do and may hit! Who knows
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    Hey KeyConcepts,

    Well, I might be able to give you some advice

    PPV can be extremely profitable for cpa, there are people doing 7,000+ per day on PPV-CPA (pretty sure there are people doing 20k+ but that's just my speculation)

    It's all about finding the market, like everything else in internet marketing.

    Simply find an offer you want to promote, go to it's link or related links, and find out info about the demographics...

    Google Tools (keywordtool, adplanner)

    find your audience, show them your offer, they will most likely buy

    Try and put some Landing pages infront of them first, it usually gives you a higher conversion rate

    Also... make sure you track everything... where your traffic is coming from (keyword/url).

    Bevomedia.com (good one (free)
    Tracking202 (free, good too)
    CPVLab (excellent, expensive)

    Do split tests as well...

    If you have the cash, start with and always continue with TrafficVance (well if you like it)

    Now, all you have to do is, reasearch, and test, test, test.

    The PPV game can be expensive or really cheap, it depends on how you run it... some people lose 10k... others make it daily....

    Mental additude

    Have a good one,


    EDIT: Forgot to mention... Don't hesitate, start working on those campaigns right NOW. Simply pay attention to your spending, cut off the keywords that lose the same amount as the payout of offer, and try not to spend 500$ per day when testing unless you can
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    Thanks guys! @Kenster...the questions were vague. Sorry. I did find the search after logging in. Each time I had been looking for it I had been logged out for some reason.

    Anyway...another question that was phrased more as a statement was about CPV networks like DirectCPV. I wanted opinions on them, but the flat out question is, DO THEY WORK and are they worth the investment?

    I have been contemplating purchasing your WSO, but I have bought so many "courses" and things lately, I hate to keep putting money out, but it is a serious consideration with the comments your thread has received.

    @David...that was a lot of info! Thanks! I am just not sure how/where to start setting up these campaigns and I do NOT have a lot to invest for testing, so I am trying to be smart and do a little at a time. The problem is I get small results with small testing....obviously. And while I am not looking for a get rick quick scheme, I would like a "make a decent living" quick program.

    OVERALL...my BIGGEST question is this: What are your suggestions for getting started with low investment and turning a profit quickly?

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    My suggestion? Well, my suggestion is go PPV to CPA, or even better (since it seems less saturated for now) Mobile Advertising to Mobile CPA.

    Mobile advertising:

    Mobile CPA:
    and a few others cant remember....

    It is all dependent on how you treat your investment and essentially business. This is a business, that is what investing is, unless you want to go and pay a stockbrocker to do it for you :p.

    To do it quickly I would give you the same answer I just did .

    Don't worry though, if you have a current cash inflow that you can spend on advertising costs you are guaranteed to find a winning campaign at some point, and when you do, simply tweak it, and scale it .

    Make sure you target targeted but still large volume of traffic keyword/urls for scaling

    I mean, the sky's the limit with PPV-CPA as well as Mobile Marketing which is essentially why I suggest it, it's not a get quick rich scheme, though it can if done right.

    It does require work, lots of testing (LOTS OF TESTING) and careful observation, so I mean, it's still work, it is simply very rewarding (imagine 3 campaigns running at the same time with a 300-500% ROI each, isn't that better than working 9-5 for I dunno, 200$?)

    So I mean, essentially it's what YOU want to do. Those are my suggestions... (Leaning towards mobile marketing as a suggestion).

    Edit: About starting those campaigns... notepad

    Start jotting down notes, find out demographics (find an offer first at offervault unless you already have an offer in mind)

    Find out keywords that are targeted (I'm sure you know about keyword research) also find urls that are demographically targeted and then think outside the box, upside down, sideways, through an 8th dimensional portal, think of every single possible idea you have for promoting that offer (think who visits the websites, or what they are thinking when visiting it/searching keywords)

    After that (well you should probably do this first) go sign up at LeadImpact (if you have 200$) or AdonNetwork (no idea how much $) or any other one you think you should start with (DirectCPV I have no knowlege about)

    GO at 'er

    To your success,

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    May I add that pof ads is a good way to start/learn ppc. You can set your daily budget low. You can test your offer and you will quickly learn what works an what doesn't work.

    edit: Do some research on pof and spy on your competitors so you know what kind of offers are hot.
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    The only way to learn is to use a couple hundred dollars and test. Read the advice people give (especially those who seem to know what they're talking about) and actually put it into action and TEST. Can't stress that enough.

    I developed a new (FREE) PPC/SEO tracking system, go to lambdatracker.com to and enter your email and you will be sent the download link and install instructions .... Also increase your revenue with my Geotargeting script.

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      When I started in IM I blew a few hundred dollars however what I learnt doing that was invaluable and has stood me in good stead over the years. Before you leap in make sure you have tracking working and you understand the data.
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