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Is anyone having any success with Sponsormob?

I find their interface to be confusing so I haven't even ran an offer yet. Frankly because it's do darn difficult to actually FIND ONE!!!

I must be doing something wrong.

If anyone knows how to run this site for actual results please PM me or post here.
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    Hi there,

    You should be able to find the offers when you log into Sponsormob's publisher interface. Once you are logged in, the offers are the second menu item on the left that you should be able to click on and see.



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      Sponsormob is a WAP/Mobile Web network?

      Have you ever heard of OfferMobi? they have WAP as well...

      I also have a friend who owns his own US/UK WAP offers i could intro you to PM for details.
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        Yes, Sponsormob is a web CPA network. Feel free to check us out and send me any questions you may have.



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    OfferMobi is good, they have many offers and their interface is the same of EWA and many other networks.

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      maybe u want to start using other mobile ad network?
      many ad network out there that i believe has better user interface...
      i, personally recommend mobgold, or admob...
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    Hi IMShoppingMall -

    Curious whether you logged in again and found Sponsormob's offers in the publisher interface. Drop me a line letting me know, if you don't mind.

    Take care!



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