Facebook files a lawsuit against MaxBounty

by kubas
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Here is the link I found at it seems pretty serious:
Facebook Files Lawsuits Against Spammers, App Developer

What I don't understand is that how MaxBounty can be blamed for affiliates spamming Facebook. Do they take full responsibility for their affiliates' actions? With the size of such company it's impossible to monitor how each user is promoting their offers and if they are not abusing web 2.0 by spamming.

I have my own affiliate program on my website and I'm wondering if I could be in same shoes as them although my offers are not scamming people like the ones described in the lawsuit. Actually I think it's CPALead that should be sued instead of MaxBounty as their offers are 95% scam and MaxBounty actually provides higher class offers.

What do you think?
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